Carpazine: Tell us a little about the book: The Best of Punk Globe Magazine?

Ginger Coyote: It is what it sounds like. we originally were going to use interviews, articles from printed magazines from 30 + years ago.  When we copied some of the printed magazines the type was hard to read because off the papers age.. So with that we decided that we should look through old interviews and select interviews that the masses would enjoy reading.. I did not  just use interviews I had done. I also used other writers interviews... I am happy  that only one of  the  9+ writers got a huge over inflated ego, this had been in the making prior to the book so after the release it spread like wild fire.

Carpazine: ​Thanks for doing the interview Ginger. 

What's your day like as an editor?

Ginger Coyote:  It seems like I hardly have time to rest. I put one issue to bed and a few days later I decide who would be good interviews for the upcoming month.After I get the  interviews sent out I then start promoting my new book that has just been released called The Best Of Punk Globe Magazine.. I also promote the current edition of Punk Globe posting on Google Plus, Facebook, My Space and Twitter. I should be more active and promote the book on discussion groups.. Starting in the middle of the month I start reminding the people I have sent interviews out to reminding them we will need them by the due. date.

Carpazine: Tell us how the Website Magazine got its start.

Ginger Coyote: I had been doing Punk Globe in print and could no longer afford to do print issues so a  friend suggested I do the magazine online.. It was hard finding the right web person. But I feel that we have a winning formula with Sharla Cartner doing the Webmistress work and Marc Floyd doing the covers... His covers are artwork each month!

Carpazine: What is the main focus and purpose of the magazine content?

Ginger Coyote: First and foremost to promote fun.. I also want to promote being liberal and really disdain conservatives.. I also want to help promote bands, artists, writers and people who are creating... So with that we are doing a form of PR for them. Which as long as they show us support we will continue to throw them the support they deserve.. We support upcoming and coming artists, musicians, writers as well as ones who are established. 

Carpazine: Tell us the brief history of your band The White Trash Debutantes.

Ginger Coyote: I started White Trash Debutantes as a fun party band.. My pal Joey Ramone became an instant supporter of the band and he put us on some shows that he was promoting along with touring with The Ramones. I will always be grateful for the support he sowed us. Billy Gould produced our first record that we released on Alternative Tentacles..  Jello Biafra also supported the band and Faith No More has also been very kind to us.

Carpazine: Tell us about some the bands that you have performed with? 

Ginger Coyote: L7, Rancid, The Ramones, Dread Zeppelin, The Lunachicks, Trickbaby, The Offspring, Jugheads Revenge, Debbie Harry, Chris Stein, Lemmy, MDC, Dead Kennedys, Dr. Know, US Bombs,Nashville Pussy, Stone Gossart, The Adolescents, DOA, The Adicts,The Dwarves, GWAR, Super Suckers, Porn Store Janitor, Faith No More, Storm Large, Cheetah Chrome, Bebe Buell, Texas Teri, Candy Snatchers, Zeke,  Shonen Knife, High Standard,God Riddance, Cadillac Tramps, The Queers,  No Doubt, Los Villians, Tribe 8, Lords Of The Dead,  Real McKenzies, JP5, Biff Naked the list is endless..

ourselves...  There are sometimes obstacles that get in the way.

Carpazine: What is your wildest story with the group? 

Ginger Coyote: Having a 78 year old Woman with pink hair named Punk Rock Patty created alot of fun... We played in Vancouver with The Cadillac Tramps and she fell hard for Gabby the singer... She was smoking weed with him and in Canada the weed is much stronger than in the USA. She was MIA in the venue and I went outside which was in a very seedy area of Vancouver. She was out there asking guys selling crack in the hood if they had seen her car as she left the keys in the door. I had to pry her away from a couple pimps..  Another time we played a show in Berkeley with Rancid and she was drinking straight vodka and kissing all the guys. 

Carpazine: What was your relationship like with Joey Ramone?  

Ginger Coyote: I loved Joey.. He and I had been friends for years and supported Punk Globe and the band. I was very fortunate to have had him in my life.

Carpazine: Tell us a bit about the documentary film that is being made?about you.

Ginger Coyote: One Finger Films is doing the film. They had a camera crew come to a show in northern California to film our show and ask questions. Them in early September Marc and Ligaya  came to Los Angeles and they interviewed so many people in my life. We began going to  my pals Actress Pauley Perrete's (NCIS) home and doing bout a three hour interview with her and I chatting on her sofa.. 

"When we played in New York she ended up befriending The Hell's Angels and they showed up at CBGB's for our show." 

She was missing and I found her snorting speed with some guys... When we played in New York she ended up befriending The Hell's Angels and they showed up at CBGB's for our show. We were staying across the street from their clubhouse.  She gave them an article about her from The National Enquirer and they put it up. When we left NYC it was 5AM and who but The Hell's Angels appeared with guns pointing at us.. And when they saw Patty in the van they were cool with us. When we invited Tonya Harding to join the band it was insane news filming us and taking our photo's. The President of her fan club had a crew of about 100 people who were protesting the show. Saying we were sick and Patty worshiped the devil because she sang Highway to Hell. When we went into Canada they asked why we had Patty with us and were not going to let her enter Canada because she did not claim some t-shirts she had folded neatly in her suitcase... But someone was on the run with some drugs on them  so they let us through. They also wanted to know where Tonya Harding was. I asked them if they would have let Tonya in and she all nodded yes  and she was a felon...

We had planned a trip to Palm Springs to interview Cherry Vanilla but she was ill so we had to cancel.  We then had a combination birthday party interviews  with Amy Haben who works with Legs McNeil's website Please Kill Me. She was so sweet an so much fun. We then interviewed Liberty Bradford Mitchell who is the daughter of Artie Mitchell.. Art and his brother Jim had The Mitchell Brothers Theater in San Francisco. They had Marilyn Chambers in one of their films.. Liberty now is developing a play that she is doing a play called "The Pornographers Daughter"   about her life growing up.. She is working with Michael Weiss (The Pretender) developing it into a film. Actors Timm Carney and Peter Cluff  also did interviews and my pal Actor Carlos Ramirez who is the look alike twin of Efren who is Pedro from Napoleon Dynamite...  They also interviewed author Nikki Palomino and Musician Johnny Ray along with photographer Raven Divito. We went to the opening of Carlos Ramirez's film Acrophobia and were lucky enough to get the legendary film actor Pepe Serna who was in Scarface in the documentary.. That night we also interviewed Tonia Bodley who sang with The White Trash Debutantes.  Marc and Ligaya filmed  Lisa PunkRProness from Whatever 68 Radio..  The next day  we interviewed Kiliyan McGuire lead singer of Mad Temple about our friendship.  On their last day we were going to interview Ed Asner (Mary Tyler Moore, Curb Your Enthusiasm,  Lou Grant and his Producer son Matthew Asner who had a punk band called Insect idol and I helped them break into San Francisco getting them shows.. This was all done in 10 days...  We have so many others who were not able to be interviewed  this trip but want to be  part of the film so they are returning in a few months to film more. I must say Marc and Ligaya are very happy so far with the project.. They just filmed Billy Halo of The Black Halo's. They also want to go to Nashville to interview Bebe Buell. Of course they want to hit New York City to  interview Donna Destri,Nick Marden, Fernando Carpaneda, Michael Musto, Randy Jones, Miss Guy, Sophia LaMar, Dorothy Lyman, Candy Delmar, Murphy's Law and various other musicians..



The Carpazine interview.

The White Trash Debutantes at CBGB`s in New York City...

Carpazine: Who inspired you (in general)?

Ginger Coyote: I am inspired from comediennes Julie Brown, Judy Tenuta, Margaret Cho, Lisa Lampanelli, Kathy Griffin, Amy Schummer, Joy Behar, Wendy Leibman... I also like the legends like Cher, Jane Fonda, Lily Tomlin, Bea Arthur R.I.P. , Bebe Buell, Pauley Perrette, Joan Rivers R.I.P., Debbie Harry are just a few...

Carpazine: What role does the artist have in society? 

Ginger Coyote: A great part! We create the society that we choose to live in. A place we feel comfortable and ease with 

Carpazine: Can you give the readers your Website and Facebook addresses so they can check you out...

Ginger Coyote: Punk Globe is 

Carpazine: Anything you’d like to add?

Ginger Coyote:  Please buy The Best Of Punk Globe Book if you have not already.. They make excellent gifts...

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Ginger Coyote: Thank you so much Fernando!