Gilles Deschamps

Proving  that Rock ‘n’ Roll doesn’t keep itself to only music: That’s what Gilles Deschamps’ artistic work is all about. Gilles is a 30 year-old Belgian illustrator, animator, writer, and musician. He is also possessed by the earthly delights that are hailed in Rock n’ Roll music.

During his studies at the animation department of the Ghent University he started to develop his own graphical language completely inspired by underground music and art. To aid in our escape from our sometimes dull and harsh realities he conveys surrealistic worlds. Additionally, these worlds are a way to slay his inner demons and mutant thoughts.

The illustrations and animations can be labeled as wild and twisted. This is with a very individualistic and personal view on the whole concept of rock n’ roll music and rock n’ roll art, yet, with a distinctive hint to the obscure (popular) art of yesteryear.

Gilles is currently working professionally on animated videos for museums, but still finds time to provide local and international bands with artwork for animated video clips, record sleeves, and merchandise. 2019 began his biggest personal quest till date: Illustrating into poster art all 132 songs performed and recorded by the iconic The Cramps. Besides visual art, Gilles is the vocalist and guitar player for Chiff Chaffs, a Garage Trash Rock band from Belgium.