Paris’ Gille Monte Ruici’s bots are born into a second life. Starting from recovered worn metallic waste through screwing and bolting with no preconceived notions. A “visual instinct” guides a trunk, a wild glance, a pair of arms… either the final vision is immediate, or the idea of the potential must be matured and will emerge. The passionate upcycling of utility is reincarnated as unique artistic life diverted from its original vocation.
In our plastic world, metal evokes nostalgia. Scraps tossed aside can harmonize. But, aren’t we all part simple container, a fire extinguisher, a toaster, a vacuum, springs…. and as such no two assemblages are alike. With imagination anyone or anything can fit, create a comforting vintage appearance, or an uncomfortable invading glare.
Ruici’s creations have been seen at Brauer Galerie in Paris as well as at the Paris “Maker Faire” 2016 and 2017. He also collaborated with Jacqui Small as part of a collaboration for the book Assembled: Transform Everyday Objects into Robots published in September 2017.