George Davis Serrano

George Davis Serrano doodled his way through childhood. Little did he know then that he had already been imprinted with a love for cubism and other modern painting styles. Growing up in Spain can do that to you. He started taking art more seriously as a teenager, when he would draw superheroes from comic books and other characters from cartoons. Due to these interests, his style tends to be very graphic; with hard lines, intertwining shapes, and abstract influences.

“Of course, I have studied many techniques to improve my skills and habits: drawing and composition, figure drawing, perspective, animation, illustration techniques, painting techniques, photography...”

All of which have brought him full circle to creating images with defined edges and vivid colors. George Davis’ studies and personal interests have also allowed him to work extensively in film, art, and design.

“This engages me in an ongoing conversation with other artists and creators. This is a source of true inspiration and continued learning.”

Happily Distracted. Acrylic on Canvas.60"H x 48"W