Gary Robert and Community “Open Wide”

Look at Gary Robert and Community and you can see their sound: an imminent quality of being in the now. Opening Wide from “Isolation” the album’s 14 tracks, pared down from 30, were laid down in one long day at Fire Brand Studio in St. Louis evolving into a dark and brooding collection. “Open Wide” begins with the relatively calm and epic length “Syria” which sets the contemptuous mood of the album. The band’s attitude of “we can do it our way” is fostered by their love of post punk and has produced another solid contemporary example of the genre. While that genre might be less political and more emotional than punk; there is certainly more reverb, more baritone vocals, and a lusher sound. Simply, their music is who they are and it doesn’t get much more punk than that.

“Open Wide” will be released on April 7th via Yet You Records as the sixth release by this three piece band from Cape Girardeau, Mo."