Photo by Mandy Smith Photography 

“Isolation” is the title of the new LP by Gary Robert and Community. Baritone vocalist Gary Robert powers the melody leads the way through a collection of abstract stories drenched in moods of dark and light. A dissonant rocking feedback ridden guitar adds some color and punch to songs that are about ambition, melancholy, and relentless determination.
Gary Robert and Community are three friends heavily influenced by music from the late 70’s, early 80’s (Joy Division, Iggy Pop, Lou Reed, Sisters of Mercy). They are a post-punk band from Cape Girardeau, Missouri driven to deliver their worldview where art and music collide. Vocalist, guitarist Gary Robert and drummer Brandon Glenn have been playing music together since 2008. Bassist Jeff Statler joined the band in 2014. They have just released their sixth album “Isolation” on their own label Yet You Records. Available on vinyl, CD, and download.

Gary Robert and Community