Exclusive Interview with Rev.Yolanda. 

Carpazine: First of all, thank you very much for the interview, Rev. Yolanda. 
Rev. Yolanda: YOU are so welcome- thanks for asking me.
Carpazine: When and how did you first become interested in music? How long have you been playing music? 
Rev. Yolanda: I popped out of the womb interested in music and art. I started playing professionally at age 17.
Carpazine: Who would you say were your early influences - who inspired you to be a musician?
Rev. Yolanda: My earliest influences were country gospel singers like Vestal Goodman and The Rambos. Then came the Beatles and The Rolling Stones. The Stones recorded the album Sticky Fingers in my hometown. Then I became fascinated with Aretha Franklin. It was my high school music minister that inspired me to officially begin playing and singing. 
Carpazine: What do you usually start with when working on a new song?
Rev. Yolanda: I usually hear a melody in my head and the lyrics follow, but sometimes I will read something that inspires me to write a melody.
Carpazine: What are the main influences behind your work? 
Rev. Yolanda: The message of authenticity has always been the influence of my work. I've always had the message of loving yourself and sharing your true light with the world. 
Carpazine: What would you call your style?
Rev. Yolanda: My favorite style is country and country gospel along with Southern Rock but I have written in jazz fusion style as well as "standards" and currently "Broadway" because I am writing a musical about my life.
Carpazine: What are you currently working on? 
Rev.Yolanda: An autobiographical musical about my life called "The Passion of Rev. Yolanda". 
Carpazine: What's the most fun part of being a musician? What is the hardest part? 
Rev. Yolanda: I don't consider some parts of my work "fun" and other parts "hard". I am driven to do what I do regardless of the difficulties or the glamour and fun. I do what I do during rough times and good times and all the times in between. 
Carpazine: Any plans to work on a CD? 
Rev. Yolanda: I am currently working on Rev. Yolanda's Country Gospel Kirtan vol. 3. Volumes 1 and 2 are available at my website www.Yolanda.net/audio
Carpazine: What role does the artist have in society?
Rev. Yolanda: We move human consciousness forward.
Carpazine: Did your perceive life much more differently than before? 
Rev. Yolanda: I have always perceived life in an artistic framework. Everyone is an artist and life itself is the canvas.
Carpazine: What improvements would you like to see happen for the LGBTQ community in the future?
Rev. Yolanda: I'd like to see the LGBTQ community come back to the realization of our shamanistic role in Humanity. We are healers, spiritual leaders, and way-showers.
Carpazine: What inspired you (in general)?
Rev. Yolanda: My connection to Spirit, All That Is, Sacred Mystery.... The GREAT Unknown.
Carpazine: Is painting an important part of your life? 
Rev. Yolanda: It is, and these days I haven't had the chance to do it.
Carpazine: How long have you been painting, drawing, etc.? 
Rev. Yolanda: I started painting as a child and have been creating large-scale expressionist paintings all of my life. My home is stuffed full of them. 
Carpazine: What medium do you prefer to work in and how would you describe your artistic style?
Rev. Yolanda: Mixed Media including oil acrylic house paint glue found objects. I call it expressionist.
Carpazine: Is there a town or place in the world you consider inspiring? 
Rev. Yolanda: Right here right now in my apartment in Brooklyn with my husband Glen. My favorite place in the world is Vermont. 
Carpazine: Can you give the readers your Website and Facebook addresses so they can check you out?
Rev. Yolanda: www.Yolanda.net/www.Facebook.com/revyolanda 
Carpazine: Anything you'd like to add?
Rev. Yolanda: Thanks so much for your interest in my artistic life.