Exclusive interview with Powers Court`s lead singer Danie Powers!

Carpazine:Tell us the brief history of your band.

Powers Court:I was making a recording with my then band, Equinox and the bassist decided to bail due to differences with the drummer and wanted his tracks removed. I honored his request and then needed a bassist because I was already juggling the songwriting, lyrics, rhythm, and vocals. I didn't want to take on the bass as well. The sound engineer gave me Steve Murray's phone number and the rest is history as they say. We immediately worked well together, we had many of the same influences and honestly; a really good bassist is so much more powerful than a guitarist noodling on the bass just to fill in the bottom end LOL. It is truly an art form unto itself!  Steve is very talented and creative and really added something to the songs I had written and was a very positive influence to the band.
Carpazine:How long have you guys been in a band together? 

Powers Court:Since meeting in the 90’s.
Carpazine:What are your songs about?

Powers Court:A lot of them are about past life experiences; or so said two different psychics I've been too. Some of the lyrics have come to me while in a deep sleep, I would wake up and jot them down. At other times intense visuals will hit me and I just kind of immerse myself in them and just go with it… you know?
Carpazine:Tell us about some the bands that you have performed with?

Powers Court:Mean Streak was the first semi-significant band and that was the one that made me decide to ditch the copy tunes and just go for originals. Anyone with some semblance of musical ability can play copy tunes, but who truly gets known for play copies? I mean, yes, there are bands like Australian Pink Floyd, etc... But, can you off the top of your head name the people in the band? And for me it became tedious mimicking Dio, Dickinson, and Halford over and over. I was singing their words not mine. They are all huge influences on my singing and I have the deepest admiration for their talents, but in the end, who is truly creative and deeply fulfilled doing paint by numbers? It just became a frustration wanting to express myself to the point where I decided to just go the all originals route. 

I formed Equinox out of a desire to write originals and just in general create some kind of other worldly experience for people because I think with music or with any art you need to sweep people away into a different universe, let them experience your world, and in doing so they create their own as well. Take them away from the mundane you know? It's this great give and take thing that all art brings to people I believe. It's not just about you as the artist, it's about the people whose lives it impacts, and what they take away from it. As an artist, your art is your gift to the world.

Equinox eventually morphed into POWERS COURT when we started getting into copyrights, trademarks, and all of that. Too many bands already with the name, so, it was just too confusing and worrisome. 

POWERS COURT is the name of a castle and gardens in Ireland that once belonged to my ancestors. Steve came up with the name after seeing photos of it in a book his father had. It was kind of ironic. We were just discussing what we could come up with that nobody else would have and this book kind of emerged out of nowhere. At the time the castle was in ruins, since, then they have restored it.

Carpazine:What inspired you (in general)?

Powers Court:Classic bands that just seemed magical to me like Led Zeppelin, Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, King Diamond, etc., bands that created these lush fantasy worlds with their music and lyrics. Books of fantasy, sci-fi, horror, medieval themes, epic historical movies, and amazing works of art can also move me to write music and lyrics. Simple conversations with people can sometimes spark an idea. Inspiration is honestly everywhere. 
Carpazine:What role does the artist have in society?

Powers Court:For me art is the most wonderful, fulfilling escape. Everyone needs to ride a magic carpet out of harsh reality from time to time, it's refreshing and like a mini vacation. I think that art enriches everyone's life and it is absolutely all around you, one just needs to take a moment, breathe, put away the glowing boxes and see it.
Carpazine:What’s pissing you off most at the moment?

Powers Court:Trump
Carpazine:How do you feel about the internet in the music business? 

Powers Court:It can be a really positive way to get your message out there, but it can be a double edged sword at times.
Carpazine:What are you working on right now?

Powers Court:We have a CD that we've been working on for far too long, I need to put the vocals and leads on it to finish it up. From there it's coming up with album art, etc., which for us is still extremely important to the entire experience. 

Carpazine:What about recordings? Do you have anything out there already?

Powers Court:We have a debut CD that was self-financed and self-titled and two CDs that came out on Dragonheart Records, an Italian record label that is a division of Audioglobe, SRL in EU. Titles are, NINE KINDS OF HELL and THE REST MIST OF ENDENMORE which also has an accompanying book that I penned to go with it. It's a concept album that has a historical-fantasy-horror theme.
Carpazine:Do you have a website with sample songs or a demo CD?

Powers Court:Our website is powers-court.com 
Carpazine:Anything you’d like to add?

Powers Court:Be true to yourself, go forth and conquer!

 Alright, well thank you very much for the interview.

Thank you so much for asking, it's been my sincerest pleasure meeting, and working with you Fernando!