The Defects by Tony Ghirardi - Gutterpunk Photography.

Exclusive interview with BUCK from THE DEFECTS!

Interview by Christopher Kubick

CARPAZINE: How did you meet the other Defects' members? What was the driving force that formed the band?

Buck: The original Defects met when we were all kids in the same neighborhood and into the same kind of music; mainly The Clash and The Damned, etc... 1st wave punk.

CARPAZINE: When The Defects started gigging, were the early shows only in Belfast or did you guys play other countries in Northern Ireland?

Buck: Our first gigs were all in Belfast but when we signed to WXYZ Records we started touring in Britain.

CARPAZINE: Who is your all-time favorite Northern Ireland football player?

Buck: Only one answer: George Best.

CARPAZINE: You're part of a ska band called Doghouse Belfast, how often do y’all play and do you all play outside of Belfast?

Buck: Doghouse plays a few times a month, sometimes more, we only have played in Ireland.

CARPAZINE: On The Exploited album "Troops Of Tomorrow", you do background vocals on the title track (originally done by The Vibrators). How did you all meet and become friends? How did you end up doing background vocals on that song?

Buck: I met the Exploited when we were in London in January of ‘82. Joined them in the studio and did backing vocals on “Germs”... great times

CARPAZINE: Rumor has it a new album is the works. Is that true?

Buck: The new album is well underway and sounding good.

CARPAZINE: Any future plans for The Defects to come to NYC?

Buck: No plans to go to NYC but it’s definitely on my bucket list.

CARPAZINE: Who do you prefer, if you had to pick one… the music of Prince Buster or the music of Derrick Morgan?

Buck: Prince Buster.

CARPAZINE: Where on tour was the place you've had the most fun?

Buck: San Francisco was immense fun and we met some fantastic people. I would go back anytime.

CARPAZINE: Tell us about your dog?

Buck: Hank is a blue staffy and is as mad as fuck.

CARPAZINE: Are you still digging holes?

Buck: Haven’t dug any holes for awhile.

CARPAZINE: What's your opinion on the current state of the world we live in?

Buck: The world is fucked and the people in control need to wise up.

CARPAZINE: Where's your favorite place to get a slice of pizza?

Buck: Best slice of pizza is from a shop in Dublin, always stop there for a slice.

CARPAZINE: Thanks so much for participating, Buck. Big up.