Complex Taste Experience
How many people have complexes about their face, body, and emotions? Some people act in suicidal or self-destructive ways. Many people have bad experiences in life. Many people feel pressed or stacked in their lives. Many people feel like they are hanging upside down in their life situation. 
This project creates the atmosphere of disordered people, communicating to each other their own personal issues. The installation explores the unity of a broken community with playful creativity.
Believing in creativity through the pain and tears is a powerful gun against personal issues. Complex Taste Experience shows that “ugly” could be “beauty” when creativity plays with itself between the mediums, shapes, situations, and poor colours. 
Mental states and human’s emotions; Crushed, disorder, faces play all around the space exploring humanity’s destructive thoughts. The black and white colours show the dark side of humanity creating dialogue between the different components of the installation.

Materials: Paper, metal, paints, fabric, charcoal, plinths.
Technique: Merging drawing and sculpture together 2 dimensional drawings and 3 dimensional sculptures of faces. Fabrics and plinths create movement.   
Evaldas Gulbinas
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