My name is Evaldas Gulbinas. I am a  fine artist and a tattoo artist. Due to COVID I had difficulties in London carrying out my freedom in art. So, before the lockdown in London, UK, I got a flight to Lithuania with the idea to create and work in a tattoo studio.

I had to isolate myself for two weeks in Lithuania. At this time I was thinking a lot about my art and tattooing. I was drawing a lot. After a couple of weeks, the tattoo studios reopened in Lithuania. When I was in London, the shops were closed. So, I was lucky and got to work in a studio in Vilnius, Lithuania. Here, I had lots of fun and work. I was super busy. The customers were super nice, as they were paying and even giving gifts to me as tips. 

I was open to anything. I just did everything randomly. I wanted to live “ today”. At this time, my good friend was organising a psychedelic festival in Alanta, Lithuania. I was surprised and he asked me if I wanted to create and tattoo people there. I agreed to it. The Pirates Camp Ship was a three day festival in the Midlothian of the forest in Alanta. That area was awesome- beautiful forests and many crazy people. Here I had a lots of people to tattoo. I really enjoyed the festival and good vibe. I feel it was a part of my artistic project to feel nature- after all the time living in the big cities… I wanted to go back to a primitive style and tattoo people in a festival environment . 

After two months being in Lithuania I had to come back to London to start my Master’s studies at the University of the Arts. I also carried on tattooing in tattoo studios. Back in Lithuania, I had totally relaxed and now I have a feeling full of energy. I had so much fun and experience from nature. I think all these adventures are really fun and I learned to take steps and move forward without hesitation. It could be for all- a good lesson to “Live today”. 

At the moment, I’m back to a tattoo studio based in Central London and creating digital drawings in my free time, which reminds me of the wildlife. My digital drawing has lots of elements of madness. It just looks “crazy” to me. In my digitals are many colours which makes me feel more happy and for the viewer to feel more open... Drawings replicate a  mad life, a jungle life which I had back in the days in Alanta, Lithuania, - “big forest place”. In my digital drawings, I want the viewers to see and feel a little bit crazy with humour, which should make them feel happy at these COVID-19 times. I want the viewer to see another- more happy world, where there are no rules, no responsibility, just enjoy today’s life..... In my digital drawings are many animal characters which represent jungle life. I believe it could happen soon - jungle time in the whole world....