Hello, my name is Ethan Riddle and I am a visual artist from Bangor, PA. Although most of my art is primarily collage oriented, I often enjoy using different mediums such as paint, ink, and wax to create artworks that I personally feel satisfied with. Additionally, I have been attempting to enhance my skills at making digital art and music over the past couple of months. Beginning sometime in the year 2017, I began pursuing my creativity after viewing the works of many internet artists and eventually becoming motivated enough to try to one day be like them. Creating art makes me happy because it allows me to hopefully entertain various people across the world; even for a split second, while also giving myself a purpose in life and a way of expressing whatever is on my mind at a particular moment in time. It would also be great to possibly even inspire other artists through my work. My goal for the future is to find a job where I can create art to the best of my abilities while being able to present it to a larger scale of people.