ELSTABO is a product of Brooklyn New York. His professional career was realized when he saw one of his designs displayed on a highway bill board. His Talents have been utilized through out the Commercial and Fashion industries. Designing anything between CD covers to children’s seasonal clothing. The Fashion Institute of Technology was where he acquired his BFA, and shortly after he dived into the Fine arts field. Showing in such places like CBGB Art Gallery to Art at Large (Pet Silvas) Erotic art gallery. In 2006 he moved to Northern Virginia where he balanced a Fine Arts and Commercial art career. He has affiliated himself with such places like ArtWhino located in Maryland's National Harbor. Recent published works can be found in “Aphrodisia: Art of the Female Form book” Aristata Publishing, The World's Greatest Erotic Art of Today" by Erotic Signature and his " Elstabo's Spanish Fly series" on Blurb.com Today Elstabo resides back in New York where he continues to do his art and also has been an active art teacher.

"As an artist, balancing myself between a commercial and fine arts seesaw has been my main job. Growing up my influences came from many places, such as cartoons, comic books to graffiti art. I like working on various jobs from different genres, this keeps my creative juices always working. Erotica also plays a major role in my art which seems to finds its way in most things I create. I do like the challenge of coming up with ways of story telling through my art, so new and different commissions are always welcomed."  Elstabo

Return of the pod people oil on canvas board 18x24