Edgar Vaskanyan

I always wanted to achieve my independence in artwork that I create to make it look different from all other artists. There are many wonderful and talented artists in present times, in my world of art there’s no competition with any of them. I strive to see and to show to the world the artwork from my own perspective, to show my vision of the present and, my premonition, prediction of the future events and how this world quickly changes with positive and negative events, inventions, challenges and achievements. 

Also, in some of my artwork I like to emphasize Apocalyptic and Post-Apocalyptic architectural art design. When people view my artwork and then see the title, it starts to make sense to them. The works and titles go side by side with the present times and the future of our planet. I think there’s a very thin line for mankind between the present and future’s success. Positive technological and scientific achievements, yet at times an almost inevitable Civil War, World War Three, or a war that would consume an entire hemisphere and our planet’s beautiful cities, towns, natural parks and countrysides. Those may turn into Apocalyptic and Post-Apocalyptic cityscapes and landscapes, I want to show people this through my artwork.  

In general, I wanted to combine together my art style, art experience since my childhood, my Architectural degree and my patriotic feelings about the United States with a love and respect toward mid 20th century American art that greatly propelled and influenced American culture, economy and its power in all aspects.

In my artworks there’s a combination of styles such as Abstract-Expressionism, Geometric and Architectural Abstraction, Modern Art, Minimalism, Neo-Dada, Americana that contributed to a rise in popularity of American 20th century art. As a first generation American and a visual artist I strive to bring something new into the world of art for its art lovers, fans and collectors to enjoy for their personal viewing and to have in their present and future possession.