Doug Mac is an American illustrator, painter, and animator.  Living In Rochester, NY, Doug’s work has been featured in magazines, band posters, advertising, and commercials. Spending many years playing music in Los Angeles based band: Mr. Maccob Friends. During that time other bands would use his illustrations and logo designs for album covers and for flyering the Sunset Strip clubs and other venues.

After moving back to the east coast Doug focused more on the art side of the music business. Alice In Chains, Lita Ford, Shinedown, and Judas Priest Are just a few of the bands on his client list. 

For the last three years Gibson and Fender Guitars have featured Doug’s custom crazy paint jobs. They are owned by The Graham Collection In Fairport, NY. The guitars are all American made limited run models. Those are currently on display at the world famous House of Guitars. Two years ago Doug Did his first Animated  commercial For "The Magic Creeper" where he was able to do the music soundtrack voice overs and animation which he says was it was a big learning process. A large part of what he does now is work for 70's muscle car dealers and creating T-Shirt designs. And of course, Doug was a regular contributor for Girls and Corpses over the magazine’s final eight years.

Doug says, "It’s a rough business and sometimes it gets a little frustrating. But the passion for painting, drawing, and playing music, I hope, will always be there. I did this for free for my buddy’s bands in the beginning. And I loved it! I try to always remember the art and the art business are two different things.”

Doug Is currently playing in an American acid hard rock band and living happily with his wife and three cats.

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