My love of doors came as a total shock to me.  I really had no idea that I would be so taken with them until I was on my first really long trip.  I was in Yangzhou, China at the start of a 2 month journey in China.  I was outside a Buddist temple and thought that the door was amazing.  I looked at it through my lens and noticed how it just popped.  I didn’t see a door but I saw history.  I saw something that was old but so sturdy it had lasted in that doorway longer than the United States had been a country.  When I look at doors that’s what I see.  What got them to where they are.  My next extended trip to Italy cemented my love of doors while I was in Venice.  I had to stop myself from stopping at all the doors that just cried out to me.  If I had to pinpoint one thing it is about them that intrigues me so much, it would be the question “What is the story behind this doors?”.  Physically and historically.