Diversity in Our Lives 
Opening Party at Jeanie Tengelsen Gallery
Art League of Long Island, New York.

The concept of diversity encompasses acceptance and respect. It means understanding that each individual is unique, and recognizing our individual differences. These can be along the dimensions of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, age, physical abilities, religious beliefs, political beliefs, or other ideologies. The Art League of Long Island hopes, through this exhibition, to encourage understanding of each other and move beyond simple tolerance to embracing and celebrating the rich dimensions of diversity contained within each individual.

In this juried exhibition artists from the Tri-State area were asked to submit their interpretations of Diversity. Out of 205 entries 66 works of art were selected for display in the exhibition. 

Congratulations to the selected artists! And congratulations to the following awardees:

Awards of Excellence
Robin Appel, A Book Just For Me, Photograph, digital
Fernando Carpaneda, Pride, Acrylic
Cheryl McBride, 17-13-14-1-3-473, Digital Art

Honorable Mentions
Sheri Berman, O, Say Can’t You See, Paper Collage
Edward Hansen, Cherry Grove Brides, Photograph, digital
David Herman, Revolt / Seyithemba, Acrylic on Canvas
Margaret Minardi, Mutual Admiration, Colored pencil, acrylic, collage.