My paintings and drawings are the expression of my deep inner soul translated to my outer self. In my work, I tune in with my emotions and let them out with the movements and feelings I am unable to translate into words. Each emotion is a variation of colors. I put great detail into faces and figures and bring them alive—characters I have created in my own mind. I am desperate to expose them to reality and submerse them in the world. The themes in my art are a combination of my past and present mind, from my very existence to the current growth I am experiencing now. I bring these themes to life with acrylics and anything I can get my hands on to express color and lines with. My work is always evolving, ever-changing. Each painting and drawing varies in color and interest as I experience life and collect visions. With each new piece I become more alive and free and my work becomes alive and free. My previous work is similar to my current work in that it is constantly inspired by people and emotions surrounding me.  My interest shifts with time, and therefore my work progresses. I am challenging the spirits inside of me to express more and tell a story that is my inner struggle and triumphs of each day.