Photo by @musicdaley

Interview by Christopher Kubick

Carpazine: Hi Sid. Can you tell us where you're from and what you do?

Sid: I am a born and bred New Yorker from day 1, I work for a catering company up until the pandemic had other plans for me and most others with the situation at hand.

Carpazine: I would imagine you have quite a vinyl collection... can you remember the first vinyl that you ever paid for out of your own pocket?

Sid: I will get clowned for this but it was Chipmunk Punk when I was six years-old. I mainly bought the record for the cover honestly, there used to be a record store up on Broadway a block from the 231st Street which I can't remember the name of it off hand but mainly got a lot of thrash lp's there.

Carpazine: How did you get your foot in the door the DJing at different shows and places... was it something that you did for fun originally or did it all just happen accidentally?

Sid: It happened on a whim actually, Kendra Zimmerman (R.I.P) who was the manager at Trash & Vaudeville at the time was also booking shows too. Coney Island High was only open a few months back then and they gave her the green light to book Punk Matinees, as a joke I asked to spin the first show she did and she simply said sure. Now the funny thing about it is most of my records were deep in Queens and there was no way I would bring 3 milk crates worth of my stuff for 1 show, I mainly improvised using CD's, 45's and even cassette tapes... yes they even had a cassette deck in the DJ Booth which I took full advantage of and worked fine for me those few months we did shows there she booked.

Carpazine: Tell us about your band and what can we expect in the near future?

Sid: Well once things get settled in we plan to be back in the studio as we all have been writing new material, the further the openings are being pushed it's harder to get everyone on board in the same room which I feel is more productive than doing it remotley. I can speak for myself on this but not with my bandmates. I want to have an EP recorded and released by early 2021

Carpazine: Where's your favorite spot to get a slice of pizza?

Sid: I have a few but off the top of my head is a place in Hamilton Heights - P & M Pizzeria, run by 2 old dudes from different ethnic backgrounds but sure make a real authentic NYC Cheese Slice, then of course you have L&B Spumoni which I always say you must get the pie fresh not sitting there if it's ready do go. Waiting a bit for a fresh backed pie is worth the wait. Then you have Solo Pizza in Alphabet City which is my go to when I'm in the area doing a show or just riding around enjoying the day.

Carpazine: Who is your favorite cartoon character ?

Sid: Does this answer your question mac?

For those who don't know Screwy Squirrel, look him up!

Carpazine: Some  DJs use their laptop... some spin vinyl. What's your take on this and what's your style E when it comes to DJing?

Sid: I have seen make so many opinions on this and some get clowned for using laptops, I see it as more convience to bring your entire library and not worry about having records damaged and / or stolen. Anyone can "D.J." but those who have a good flow can make a decent living out of it if they know what they are doing.

Carpazine: How would you describe the current state of New York right now?

Sid: With what is happening right now, I can only hope this is the worst of it but from the looks of it, it's only beginning. I have tried to just keeping myself occupied getting through this as best as possible. Others have it worse off than I do and some beyond the point of no return, people need to take one step back and realize who is responsible for this and we know who is doing this and why.

Carpazine: Is there anything you'd like to shout at the world or give some advice to the world?

Sid: Stay focused, stay positve and work on you! Big ups to my band United Blood N.Y.C., Jimmy G from Murphy's Law, Rico Dejoie from Kansas City, GraceOfSpades, Howie Pyro, Model Citizen N.Y.C., D.J. Rata, D.J. Stress The White Boy, D.J. Cos, D.J. SevOne, Agnostic Front, The Take N.Y.C. and my girl Sarah.

I appreciate you taking the time to do this interview thank you very much.

Sid: Thank you for giving me the opportunity to do this interview too.