Last year, Kickstarter backers helped us transform 'Guys Reading Poems' into a feature film. Now, we need your support to complete it. 


About this project
More than two years ago, I began working on an idea to explore masculinity and poetry in a cinematic piece. We gathered a great team (including award-winning cinematographer Michael Marius Pessah) and shot creative interpretations of 35 poems in July, 2013 with an excellent cast of up-and-coming actors. The resulting film (never seen by outside eyes!) was so compelling that our editor Patrick Kennelly suggested that the material was telling us that it wanted to be more than a relatively small-scale art project. After watching it many times, I saw that Patrick was right and decided to develop the project into a full-fledged feature film. More:

Lydia Hearst in a still image from 'Guys Reading Poems' Cinematography by Michael Marius Pessah Costume by Shpetim Zero

Completing 'Guys Reading Poems' (2015) by Fatelink Productions