Claudio Parentela has been active for many years in the international underground scene. Hailing from Catazaro, Italy the 55 year-old is an illustrator, painter, photographer, mail artist, cartoonist, collagist, and free lance journalist. Claudio has collaborated, and continues to do so today from Italy, with a myriad of non-commercial zines, magazines of contemporary art, and literature. His comics are distributed in print and on the web both in Italy and internationally. A sampling of his work can be found in the following: NYArts Magazine, Turntable & Blue Light Magazine, Komix, LitChaos, Why Vandalism, Thieves Jargon,180 Mag, Braintwisting, The Doors of Creativity Anthology,Lo Sciacallo Elettronico, Inguine, Stripburger, Lavirint, Komikaze, Mystery Island Magazine,Monoclab, MungBeing Magazine, The Lummox Journal, The Cherotic R(e)volutionary, Sick Puppy, Malefact, Gordo, johnmagazine, SHITTY SHEEP-Lamette, alchimiadeldolore, Be|Different, UpScene Magazine, Chance, Lucid Moon, Tryst ,Carolina Vigna Maru’s Blog, Abusemagazine, hijacked, Synthesis,, Spartandog, Numbmagazine, DrexterMagz, Que Suerte, Art Life, Pintalo De Verde, ApArte, Evasion, The Benway Institute, Phony Lid Publications, First Class,This Is Magazine, Diesel, Stu Magazine, Becoming Journal , Exposweb, Pockoville, Crane Magazine,Staplegun, Zupi ,4x6-art, Funtime Comics, Untergruntblatte, lartmagazine, Passenger May, Sekushi , Onthecamper, Head Press, Entmoot,etc... For more visit :