Chucky Brown

Interview by Christopher Kubick

CK: Chucky Brown, you are the lead singer of Crazy Eddie. You also run CBHOOD TV. How long has Crazy Eddie been around and how did you guys get together... what's the lowdown on CBHOOD TV?

Chucky Brown: Crazy Eddie started back in 2017, I decided to put down the bass guitar and grab the microphone so I can scream & shout my lungs out. I hooked up with guitarist Lenny B. from the bands Without a Cause & Fahrenheit-451 and we decided to bring back that authentic loud fast Hardcore Punk sound, because the scene needed that shit right now, ya dig?!!! Other members in Crazy Eddie are Jason Madrock on drums (originally from DownLow) & the bassist of the band Fahrenheit 451, Kevin. Kevin also plays bass guitar for Another Distraction.

I started CBHOODTV back in 2012, I had tons of video footage that I had recorded from different shows that I went to dating back to 1992. So I decided to digitize my videotapes and upload tons of footage online for the world to see. Check out the page on YouTube,Facebook, & Instagram - Chucky Brown’s HoodTV or CBHOODTV (IG)

CK: As a child, do you remember waiting or being really enthusiastic to hear a specific song on the radio?

Chucky Brown: I remember back in the day on weekends I would go crazy listening to a radio station on 98.7FM a Hip-Hop Radio show with DJ Red Alert, he would be spinning some dope off da hook records to the crack of dawn. I would grab my boombox and record all his shows on cassette tape and I would pause the talking parts. Another dope show I would constantly listen to would be on WYNU 89.1FM (N.Y.) A show called "Crucial Chaos" and they would play the best in underground Punk, Hardcore & Oi! music. Also believe or not there was a station on AM called Z-Rock 1480AM (N.Y.) They would play a lot of Hard Rock / Heavy Metal / Glam Rock / Hair metal shit. Then at times I would listen to WSOU 89.5FM (NJ/NY) They are still active on the radio till this day.

CK: Which Pizzeria is your favorite for a slice or a Sicilian?

Chucky Brown: Almost any Pizza spot in the Little Italy section of the Bronx, N.Y.

CK: You played in other bands in the past. Who were they?

Chucky Brown: I first started playing in a Hardcore band called Out 4 Blood. Featuring Rob on vocals from the band Everybody Gets Hurt & Mike Bonilla (RIP) on guitar, originally from a Bronx Hardcore band called  Rampage. Then I started playing bass guitar in a Punk rock / Oi! band from the Bronx (N.Y.) called The Wasted. The band featured Jesse on guitar, who plays now in the band Cry Havoc! and "Franky" on drums that played with a Death Metal band called Goatamentise. After that, I played in a few bands & groups here & there until back in 2011 when I played bass guitar in a band called Abject! featuring members from Dealin' with It, Close to the Edge, & Ache.

CK: Who is your favorite graffiti artist?

Chucky Brown: I never really had a favorite, back in the day there were so many great graffiti artists & writers that it was hard to pick a favorite. So many great different styles of graffiti from different neighborhoods in the Bronx from from where I grew up. But, most of my favorite graff artist/writers can be seen in the movies / documentaries called Wild Style & Style Wars. I also recommend the book Urban Styles (Graffiti in NYHC).

CK:  What's your opinion on politics in relation to the New York music scene... in which direction do you think it's going?

Chucky Brown: I'm not really a "political" type of guy, but I say let's bring back the old school "fuck you" type of attitude, we need that shit right now, especially in this era. Put that attitude in the music, just like they did back in the early days of Hardcore & Punk music.

CK: Godzilla or King Kong... who do you pick?

Chucky Brown: Honestly I love them both equally but if I had to choose one, I would pick Godzilla for sure.

CK: What's your favorite alcoholic beverage when in the studio?

Chucky Brown: Cold brews: preferably Modelo & Corona. I also would have a cold Budweiser 40oz. or 24oz. tall boys. I don't do malt liquor anymore like I did back in the day.

CK: Do you remember the first vinyl or tape you ever bought?

Chucky Brown: The first vinyl I bought was from the old school Hip-Hop / Rap group Run DMC "King of Rock" album. The first cassette tape I bought was "Stay Hungry" from the Heavy Metal band Twisted Sister.

CK: What's the last strain of reefer you smoked?

Chucky Brown: As I'm writing this I'm smoking some good sweet purple on a Dutchmaster, that good haze aka "loud" that smells like when you hit up a Botanica store in the hood.

CK: Do you think Trump is going to be re-elected?

Chucky Brown: Presidents are selected NOT elected!

CK: What's the last five albums you listened to?

Chucky Brown:
#5 - Skum City - "Rise of the Skum"
#4 - Bastard Clan - "The Arrogant Dream"
#3 - Locked Inside - Your Thoughts.Your Own"
#2 - Pawns - "Monuments of Faith"
#1 - Agnostic Front- "Get Loud!"

*As a side note, writer / editor Theodore also would record the Master Mix with Kool DJ Red Alert every week to listen to during the week and know what was up. Kids today don’t know. He also remembers the Crazy Eddie commercials. King of Rock was his second tape.