DETHRACE is a theatrical art rock experience... Ten foot tall fiberglass super-robots play 666 volts of ear blasting Heavy Metal Music! Mecronos growls out the vocals, while Electronos shreds on electric guitar, and Acronos pounds on the bass. All this is accompanied by an electronic drum track, while Necropatheos, the evil skull-faced creator of the band, rocks out with the crowd.

Interview with Mecronos of DETHRACE!

Carpazine - First of all, thank you very much for the interview, guys!
Mecronos - No problem- I didn't realize we were still relevant!

Carpazine - Mecronos, how did you meet Necropatheos? What was the driving force that formed the band?
Mecronos - Necropatheos is our creator. The first time I saw him was the first time I opened my eyes. The driving force that formed the band was Necropatheos and the Draculon ship where we were created.

Carpazine - What are your songs about?
Mecronos - Our songs are about getting your head chopped off, drug fueled murder rampages, you know- the usual...

Carpazine - From your childhood, who and what were the musical influences in your life?
Mecronos - We have been programmed to play Heavy Metal Music. Bands like AC/DC & Deicide are ingrained in our creation.

Carpazine - Tell us the brief history of your band.
Mecronos - We were created about fifteen years ago and started playing music immediately. This is what we were programmed to do from the start. After a brief tour of the outer galaxy, we came to earth where we got a few steady gigs at the old MF Gallery, where we ended up battling zombies almost every time! We had many more gigs on earth at various dumps and dives. The ones that stand out are a bowling alley called Asbury Lanes, a park called Tompkins, and of course when we shared the stage with our fellow intergalactic warlords, GWAR.

Carpazine - When and how did you first become interested in music?
Mecronos - Music has been my main driving force ever since my creation on the Draculon ship.

Carpazine - How long have you been playing music?
Mecronos - We have been playing music for about 15 years.

Carpazine - What's the most fun part of playing on planet earth?
Mecronos - Entertaining humans has been quite amusing for us... watching their faces light up seconds before their heads explode has always been the highlight of our shows.

Carpazine - Who writes the songs and what are they about?
Mecronos - Mecronos writes the lyrics and Electronos writes the music. Our dark themes know no bounds!

Carpazine - What is your favorite cartoon?
Mecronos - Super Globetrotters

Carpazine - What is the hardest part about being a band?
Mecronos - I was born into DETHRACE, so it all comes natural.

Carpazine - What's the worst experience you've ever had on planet earth?
Mecronos - I once shit my flight suit after eating only twinkies for 72 hours...

Carpazine - Any plans to work on a last CD?
Mecronos - I don't know about a CD, but my last VD was a scorcher something awful!