Chabane Djouder was born in a small rural village, in the Kabylie region, northern Algeria. Throughout his childhood, Chabane expressed a great passion and love towards art and painting. In fact, even as a child, he has always been fascinated by the beauty and depth of every artsy and colorful thing or masterpiece he saw.  To make his innate gift flourish, Chabane attended the School of Fine Arts, in Algeria, from 2005 to 2011. Upon graduation, Chabane was able to polish his skills, brighten his talent, and delve into the nuances of art. He started with learning the general knowledge of art then specialized in painting, restoration, and conservation of artworks.  Currently, Chabane is a resident of philadelphia. A city that opened its arms to welcome Chabane, the artist, and gave him a chance to show some of his work at multiple exhibitions the way he did in multiple cities in the past.   Here is the timeline of Chabane’s participation in exhibitions and other contributions around the city of brotherly love, New Jersey, or back in his home country, Algeria.