Graffiti and punk rock drew skisms into the art world. Starting just four years ago painting his own jackets, this artist in England has ventured over the last year onto canvas and boards. “I don't see a lot of value in what I do, really, I just have an eye for copying stuff and juxtaposing it.” Here at CARPAZINE we think it not only has value, we think it’s pretty fucking cool. MORE:

Juliana Rodriguez:Revolver Dolls!

ELSTABO is a product of Brooklyn New York. His professional career was realized when he saw one of his designs displayed on a highway bill board.....

Tex Buell: Visual Artist and Musician!

Carpazine Art Magazine Special Edition 2017 featuring exclusive Interview with Musician LEIGH DE VRIES!  More: Skisms, Rael Brian, Heather Freitas, Morgan Lang, George Davis Serrano, SHN, Evan Mendel, ONESTO, Elstabo, SOSEK, Whole Car Stickers, Pyropainter, Without Rules, BROBA, CAMDEN, Herman James, Short Film:João Brandão adheres to punk!, IACO, Ethan Minsker, Claudio Parentela, Reptilians from Andromeda, Seattle Erotic Art Festival 2016, Dylan Gerard Thibert, The Wilsons, The Smut Peddlers:An Exhibition of PULP!, Tex Buell, Doug Firmino, Juliana Rodriguez, Heavy Negatives,  and many More!

Tex Buell experiments with painting, digital art, sculpture, and installation. However, he has found his loudest voice with mixed media handmade collage. Many of his pieces possess urgency....


A Raw Discussion with Morgan Lang, founder of Art Revolution!

"When you live every day of your life as the anomaly, the concept of “normal" suddenly becomes quite abstract."  MORE:

"Postcards From The Edge: Posters And Artwork Of The NYC Punk Scene"Postcards From the Edge: Posters And Artwork of The NYC Punk Scene includes many original flyers and posters from the 1970's to the present. The vibrant, original artwork in the show...MORE:

Herman James is a pop-surreal painter making art that is often a scramble of the natural and the strange. His work has been characterized as “weird” and “insane” and much of it is definitely positioned outside the mainstream. The artist recalls with a laugh that his work has sometimes gotten him into trouble. For instance, he has been known to place human body parts in unnatural places on his figures, to the negative comment of some. James was born and raised in Portland, Oregon where he developed an abiding regard for nature. MORE:

Dylan Gerard Thibert: Conceptual Artist!

The world around us is always changing and ever evolving, but, in this century it may be for the worst. Deforestation, GMO's, a plastic wasteland, and PCB's. Manmade poisons reside around us and will continue...

The 2017 Seattle Erotic Art Festival, will be April 28th-30, 2017.

Pyropainter: Neo-gothic, Surrealist Artist!

The short film, " João Brandão adheres to punk", based on the short story written in 1983, by Brazilian poet Carlos Drummond de Andrade, premiered at the 48th Brasilia Festival of Brazilian Cinema (2015). The director Ramiro Grossero, graduated in visual arts from the University of Brasilia is active in the local punk movement and made this film in the purest DIY. The cast includes Ariel Invasor, lead singer of the first punk rock band from Brazil, Resto de Nada (Rest of Nothing - 1977), and Jota Pingo cultural activist, unfortunately he died at the end of filming, in 2012. MORE:

   Carpazine Art Magazine Special Edition 2017 Featuring:

Here is the first vinyl of Reptilians From Andromeda, high quality sound 45 rpm 7" vinyl printed in Czech with their artwork cover. Includes digital pre-order of Doomsday/Reptilians From Andromeda. You get 4 tracks now (streaming via the free Bandcamp app and also available as a high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more), plus the complete album the moment it's released.

Rael Brian: Collages!

SHN:  Art Collective!

Smut Peddlers: An Exhibition of Pulp is an exhibition of paintings and drawings curated by Michael Lee Nirenberg in collaboration with MF Gallery. The show includes classic 1960’s pulp paintings by legends such...

Claudio Parentela has been active for many years in the international underground scene. Hailing from Catazaro, Italy the 55 year-old is an illustrator, painter, photographer, mail artist, cartoonist, collagist, and free...

SOSEK: Street Art!

Seattle Erotic Art Festival 2017!

Heather Freitas: Wasteland series!

Doug Firmino
Death, drugs, and theft litter the broken and straightened streets of the Brasilia ghetto of Ceilândia. These images and realities also reside within the mind, spirit, and art of Doug Firmino. The moments and friendships of Ceilândia forged both the artist and his art. Friendships that introduced bands like: Ramones, Black Sabbath, Motorhead, The Clash, Danzig, Misfits, Zumbis do Espaço, Garotos Podres... It did not take long for the punk ideas running inside those friends to manifest.
“When I talk about my drawings, I have to talk about (my friends) and the punk movement, just because I keep spitting my shit life on the paper.”  
If Doug Firmino’s friends were the ink his family was the paper.  His cousins forced him to watch horror movies and in time he became a big fan of the genre. Favorites like the “Texas Chainsaw Massacre”, “Evil Dead”, “Halloween”... became an addiction. MORE:

Graffiti writer and visual artist Sosek (1FA / PV / SUSTO"S), was born in 1983 in Sao Paulo, mixes the experiences of the streets with refined design......

George Davis Serrano: Artist!


Carpazine:Tell us the brief history of your band.
Tolga: Everything just started with Aybike and me. Our relationship is always creative.
Before we married, we had been jamming with our friends for fun. I was playing with my punk rock band, "Rashit", for 20 years and I got bored to be in a band in that time. We had just began to record experimental instrumental tracks with Aybike and made video collages for them under the name "Solar Chaos" who released an album for a Canadian record label: "Fuck Yr Body Up". After that, Aybike wrote some lyrics and we recorded four songs on a holiday trip, it's our family fun at the beginning. We changed our name to "Reptilians From Andromeda" and we got good feedback from Some US labels after we uploaded our songs to SoundCloud. We released four Ep's and an album in just three months. Everything was so fast. There is so much interest in us to see Reptilians From Andromeda playing live. MORE:

Focused on silk-screen and experimental printmaking the collective is responsible to spread the culture of collaborative processes acting like a publisher...

Interview with writer, filmmaker, artist, fanzine publisher and founder of Antagonist Movement Ethan Minsker! MORE:

Claudio Parentela: Artist!

"We have allowed ourselves to compare our relationships to memes on Facebook, and are too worried with building an Internet life instead of a real one". MORE:


From crumbling corners and the cacophony of the streets to the silent dusty dark forgotten spaces of old bookstores Rael Brian finds freedom. The punk rock echoing in his head is not chaos, but, an orderly....

"The Wilsons was created in October 2014 when Andoni (guitar player from Disorders) and Potti (a good friend and partner in crime from high school who had been a drummer and lead singer in a couple of bands) came to visit me in Brooklyn. I have to say that at that time I was going through a tough time in NYC and these guys gave me the strength I needed to keep going. One morning, while Andoni and I were waking up after a long night out, we heard Potti humming a tune in the shower. It said something like “Remember Times in NYC…” so we got into my bedroom, grabbed my bass, a notebook, a pen and a bunch of beer and we didn’t go to sleep until we finished the song. The next day we rented the cheapest rehearsal studio at Sweatshop (Brooklyn) and recorded our first song: “Remember Times”.  MORE:

Go APE Advanced Placement Exhibition 2017. Advanced Placement Exhibition at the Art League of Long Island's Jeanie Tengelsen Gallery. MORE:


ONESTO: Multidisciplinary Artist!

His work has been obtained by numerous collectors including actor Jamie Foxx, and has been commissioned by brands such as Neff Headwear...


Elstabo: Erotic Art!

The band formed in 2013 when, after playing in various NYC projects, musicians Tex and Trevor decided to start their own project. At the time, they were practicing with a bass player. In need of vocals they posted a Craigslist ad. Armed with a friend as backup, the younger Jahnny Vommit agreed to meet some random dudes at a practice space. In less than 90 seconds they knew they had found a singer.Trevor developed a dual Frankenstein's monster guitar that covered the guitar and bass duties as the bass player quit before the first show. They describe their sound as scuzzy punk rock n' roll with songs that touch on topics of gender, politics or… just watching cartoons. The motto of the band is “Don't Be An Asshole" and everyone that follows that rule is welcome at a Heavy Negatives show. MORE:

Evan Mendel: Artist/Mural Painter!

Alex Hornest – AKA: ONESTO (1972) is a multidisciplinary artist who lives and works in São Paulo: a city that inspires him and leads him to reflect..

The artist recognized as Pyropainter (both nationally and internationally) has a very precise and rather unique method for creating his renowned works of...


George Davis Serrano doodled his way through childhood. Little did he know then that he had already been imprinted with a love for cubism and other modern painting styles...

Juliana Rodriguez is an Argentinian visual artist and cinema director based in Raleigh, North Carolina. In celebration of the 7th anniversary of her digital art....

Obsessively examining themes of theology, mortality, BDSM, Celebritarianism, religious dogma, defiance of oppression, fascism, gender and sexual identity,....

The Smut Peddlers: An Exhibition of PULP!