Robb Spath

Detective Alphonso Sloan!

"Detective Alphonso Sloan smiles as he recounts his big fish story.  Montano was the one that got away.  In his career he owed more than $750,000 in restitution to the city of Pittsburgh and had been sentenced to up to five years in prison, but only did two and a half.  He had been caught and arrested three times.  His aliases included: Red Dog, Israel, Jeremiah, and his most famous, MFONE. ".


"In early 1995, I got in touch with CBGB, and ended up scheduling some exhibitions at CB’s 313 Gallery, which was the CBGB art gallery."

"The sound of scissors… scissor… scissor… the deep finite drag of an Xacto knife…Flat broke, fired, and dealing with cabin fever it was a book on hand-cut art found in a thrift store where Robb Spath... "

Cincinnati  Graffiti!

Long Island Biennial

Albania Graffiti!

Marc Floyd   

Lena Klyukina 

Fernando Carpaneda

53rd & 3rd!

"We formally started doing our own indie rock shows in 2013 under The 53rd & 3rd Shows name in Barrie, Ontario at the Foxx Lounge. Our start in the city though, was with larger rock and rap events doing poster street team / guerrilla work for Liquid Chrome and Impact Live.  The first event promotion experience we had however-was in Toronto for the rave and club scene..."

"Lena Klyukina sips a delicious hot chocolate at Ideas Block in Vilnius, Lithuana but she is not an artsy fartsy dork. Her art is not an easy to swallow combination ...."

"I have been doing music videos for bands from all over the place for the past ten years. We’re now working on a documentary about the amazing Ginger Coyote"


"I like simple designs that fuse two disparate items so seamlessly that they look like they have always belonged together. I attended the School of the Art Institute in Chicago.." 

MARIN MOCA Museum of Contemporary Art

Mexican Sugar Skulls: History and Creation. Instructor: Diego Marcial Rios. The workshop will begin with an historical summary of the history and origin of Mexican Sugar Skulls.  There will then be a demonstration on how to create your own sugar skulls at home. You will learn the ingredients/recipes for creating sugar skulls...


CARPAZINE ART MAGAZINE ISSUE NUMBER 28! Featuring an Exclusive Interview with artist and musician Jwyanza "JK" Hobson! More: Ted Randler, Detective Alphonso Sloan, 53rd & 3rd, Albania Graffiti, Cleveland Graffiti, Mexican Sugar Skulls: History and Creation at MOCA with Diego Marcial Rios, Cincinnati Graffiti.  More: Wanted:Call for Sex, Elstabo Productions, Tompkins Square Park Shows and many More!

Ted Randler’s Of Flowers and Flesh!

"On a rainy Decoration Day weekend Carpazine was welcomed into Gallery Blue Door by Scott Philip Goergens, who co-owns the gallery with his husband Scott Howard. Baltimore was slowly unmasking and reopening to wander such sights as Ted Randler’s Of Flowers and Flesh. Viewing Randler’s work in person is like seeing a band live".

Bernardo Corman

​​Check it out, the Exclusive interview with Jwyanza “JK” Hobson!

"Most of my students listen to pop music. A lot of K-pop, that’s really big over here. I’ve had a couple of students that have been into rock music. I’ll get happy when one walks in with a Metallica shirt or maybe the Ramones, but rare is the day when they know who the hell the bands are, which is pretty typical actually. Even happens a lot in the states. (Metal and punk have some of the coolest merch out there!) Once in a while I’ll show my students an old Crisis video and they freak.."


"Long Island Biennial 2020 at the Heckscher Museum of Art, a juried exhibition featuring exceptional art from contemporary artists!"