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CARPAZINE ART MAGAZINE SPECIAL EDITION! We made it! 2020 is behind us, but it wasn’t all bad. This special edition of Carpazine brings back some of our favorite artists from past issues. New content includes an interview with our very own Fernando Carpaneda who continues to blaze trails in art and culture, photos of Graffiti Alley Boston by Gregory Norris, exclusive photos of the Long Island Biennial 2020, and more!  


Exclusive interview with Doug Firmino!

"I like traditional media, as analogical as possible. Paper and pencil or sketchbooks are my favorite tools in the world. But, now I am learning about printmaking: another amazing classical media."



"Kyle Confehr Studies in illustration and graphic design and life have sent him living in Pennsylvania, New York, and Texas". 

Robb Spath

Lena Klyukina 


"Life is strenuous; life is constant. Through the struggles, depression, love and hate in our lives, we physically and subconsciously affect our bodies.."

Dion Hitchings

Iri Vilela!

"Self-taught, he embraced the oil-on-canvas technique where his artistic creations lead viewers to utopian and fanciful daydreams in surreal journeys through scenarios free of technical and practical constraints. His work is the result of the disquiet of an uncomfortable and unprejudiced artist who... "

"Within my artwork I have found my own "Unique World" which has no rules or boundaries. My inspirations are varied and vast, everything..”


 Herman James!

"Herman James is a pop-surreal painter making art that is often a scramble of the natural and the strange. His work has been characterized as “weird” and “insane” and much of it is definitely positioned outside the mainstream. The artist recalls with a laugh that his work has sometimes gotten him into trouble."

"I have always used acrylic paint because I like the fact that it dries quickly. I thin the paint and build it up in layers."

Steven Berroteran

Kirk Morgenegg!

"Kirk Morgenegg is an American itinerant multimedia artist.  His work has been shown internationally and across the United States in private and public shows, from Venice, Italy to Venice, California.  He has worked in diverse media, including:  ceramic, clay, resin, collage, oil paint, cement, and other media and design.  

Matthew Lineham !

"New Wave Saints Series (11x14in. Acrylic, gouache, and ink on stonehenge paper. 2015). Matthew Lineham is a painter and illustrator working in NYC. Right now, he is working on a large body of new wave and stained glass saint inspired paintings, slowly building his own type of church."


"The sound of scissors… scissor… scissor… the deep finite drag of an Xacto knife…Flat broke, fired, and dealing with cabin fever it was a book on hand-cut art found in a thrift store where Robb Spath... "

"Lena Klyukina sips a delicious hot chocolate at Ideas Block in Vilnius, Lithuana but she is not an artsy fartsy dork. Her art is not an easy to swallow combination ...."

​​Check it out, the Exclusive Interview with artist Fernando Carpaneda!

"In early 1995, I got in touch with CBGB, and ended up scheduling some exhibitions at CB’s 313 Gallery, which was the CBGB art gallery. At that time, the gallery organized an exhibition called "Back to the Bowery" .

Long Island Biennial 2020 at the Heckscher Museum of Art!

"The 2020 Long Island Biennial, a juried exhibition featuring exceptional art from contemporary artists across Suffolk and Nassau Counties, received a record 800+  artwork entries, with 100 works selected for exhibition".  More: 

C.L DeMedeiros!

"Since I was a child I had difficulty with words, to learn my own idioms was a challenge. To be able to look back and notice, I learned Portuguese, Spanish, and English- wasn't easy. My mindset is to intrinsically connect with images. My passion is to talk through images."