Tim Roosen!

"Tim Roosen (°1972) is a Belgian metal sculptor living and working in Sint-Truiden, Belgium. He started building his first creature in 1996, and had no idea what he was doing. Working as a blacksmith by day, the last thing he wanted to do was create metal art by night."

Jantira Namwong!

"Jantira Namwong, (nickname Ya), from Chiang Mai, Thailand, started her professional photography career in magazine publishing, but underneath she had a burning passion to do Boudoir and Nude Photography.  Despite Thailand’s strict Buddhist culture, Ya ventured into her heart’s desire, side."

The time has come for the most epic art show of 2020! 
Jam packed with eye popping works from MF Gallery’s top artists, it will be the final show at this MF Gallery location so you better not miss it!! Crack your piggy bank and put on your mask this Halloween Eve... Come party from 6 feet away with the one and only Dethrace !!

D.J Sid Da Kid!

"With what is happening right now, I can only hope this is the worst of it but from the looks of it, it's only beginning. I have tried to just keeping myself occupied getting through this as best as possible. Others have it worse off than I do and some beyond the point of no return, people need..."

"Life is strenuous; life is constant. Through the struggles, depression, love and hate in our lives, we physically and subconsciously affect our bodies.."

Brian Kelly

Mark Williams!

"My pen and ink drawings came from doodling in class while my teachers were talking. It started in just the side margins of the paper and slowly spread to the entire page at some point. My teachers must have thought I was taking some really good notes by the serious concentration on my face." 

 Art - Music

Johnny Waste


"I have always used acrylic paint because I like the fact that it dries quickly. I thin the paint and build it up in layers."

Ginger Coyote 


"Ductape is a newly formed duo based in Istanbul, Turkey. Çağla Güleray & Furkan Güleray combine hysteric and inciting sounds in their first EP: Little Monsters which was recorded at home during the 2020 lockdown days. This very first EP showcases duo’s fervent vocal performances and ..."   

Beau MacCall

 Evaldas Gulbinas!

" My name is Evaldas Gulbinas. I am a  fine artist and a tattoo artist. Due to COVID I had difficulties in London carrying out my freedom in art. So, before the lockdown in London, UK, I got a flight to Lithuania with the idea to create and work in a tattoo studio. "

Steven Berroteran



Leanne Davies

"I’m known as: The Button Man, Sir Buttons, Lord Buttons, and Count Buttons. I have these nicknames because in my art "


CARPAZINE ART MAGAZINE ISSUE NUMBER 25 Featuring an Exclusive Interview with DETHRACE! More: Moscaille, D.J Sid Da Kid, Ductape, Mark Williams, Evaldas Gubinas, Tim Roosen (metalsculptures), Jantira Namwong (The #1 Erotic Female Photographer in Thailand), Graffiti Pier Philadelphia, MF Gallery`s 18th Annual Halloween Art Show and many More!

"Carpazine thinks the real question is: “Which member of our staff will become the first official member of the Brian Kelly Army?”

"I didn’t do high school. I dropped out of school in the ninth grade. I wanted to play music and do my learning on the streets. "

​​Check it out, the Exclusive Interview with DETHRACE!

"DETHRACE is a theatrical art rock experience... Ten foot tall fiberglass super-robots play 666 volts of ear blasting Heavy Metal Music! Mecronos growls out the vocals, while Electronos shreds on electric guitar..."

Exclusive interview with Moscaille!

"We don't try to teach lessons, we tell biased stories and anecdotes with our twisted view of reality.  Right now, we’re working on an album that will be based around the topic of electricity. We’ll talk about the plasma rules, the new prophets and ice free comets."

"I started White Trash Debutantes as a fun party band.. My pal Joey Ramone became an instant supporter of the band and he put us on ..."