Ruin by Design!

"Collectively we are Ruin By Design, from just outside of Washington DC. Individually, we are: Brien, Brent, Andrew, Kurt and Foster. We formed in the fall of 2015, so we've been around for just over four years."

UNWRITTEN!. "Just do it, but first and foremost educate yourself for the sake of your music and your bandmates. Also very important!! Don’t be a douche, be nice to everybody. I believe that’s the first stage of anarchism! Be an excellent fella to everybody except a fucking nazi!! Fuck those guys!! Big time!!"




Beau MacCall

Gary Robert and Community “Open Wide”!

"Look at Gary Robert and Community and you can see their sound: an imminent quality of being in the now. Opening Wide from “Isolation” the album’s 14 tracks, pared down from 30, were laid down in one long day at Fire Brand Studio in St. Louis evolving into a dark and brooding collection."


CARPAZINE ART MAGAZINE ISSUE NUMBER 23 Featuring Exclusive Interview with Buck from The Defects! More: Mark Paich, Lynnda Rakos, Brooklyn Street Art, Greece Graffiti, The Slackers, Ruin by Design, Reptilians from Andromeda and Bang Bang Babies, Gary Robert and Community "Open Wide", Into The Shit Again at MF Gallery, Master`s Showcase at Huntington Arts Council, New York Underground and Many More!  

Street Art in Brooklyn!

"Check it out some amazing photos of Street Art in Brooklyn. We had the chance to visit Brooklyn this summer and here’s what we found on its walls! "   

Johnny Terris 

Check it out, the Exclusive Interview with Skum City! "Christine and I started the band in 2007. We’ve had a few different lineups along the way. The current lineup has been together for a little over a year. I’ve known Chris since 2005 and we meet Gigi through a mutual friend."

"I’m known as: The Button Man, Sir Buttons, Lord Buttons, and Count Buttons. I have these nicknames because in my art "

Matt Myers

Iri Vilela

A new 7" from Brazilian killer record label Mandinga Records: Split!!! Istanbul garage devils  Reptilians From Andromeda meets with the crazy Brazilian garage band Bang Bang Babies.  Reptilians From Andromeda (Turkey) with Bang Bang Babies (Brazil): Split 7" is now on pre-order at Mandinga Records.

 NECROTIC SOCIETY!  -  "We are Necrotic Society, everything started with Alex (Guitar), when he moved to the United States in December 2015. He started to looking for a project to be a part of. After few months he found JR (drums) and started jamming together, and after we tried out a few different people, we ended up with Courtney on vocals and Javier on bass."

Graffiti Art in Greece!

"Check it out some amazing photos of graffiti art in Greece. We had the chance to visit Greece this summer and here’s what we found on its walls! Photos by Gregory Norris!"   

Lynnda Rakos!

"Lynnda Rakos grew up drawing, doodling, reading comic books, and watching cartoons in Montreal. She studied graphic design and once, had a job painting merry-go-round horses throughout the city. From there to Los Angeles, where she applied her talents to designing children's clothing."

"I'm basically an Outsider artist, because my interests are in erotica and most of my efforts go in that direction, which is counter-culture ..."

Spike Polite 

Mark Paich! 

"My name is Mark Paich. Operating under the moniker Pai.chi, I am a professional artist / illustrator working out of NYC. I make personal work, as well as illustrating for musicians, authors, and breweries. My work has varied and changed through the years."


Greece Graffiti!

Ginger Coyote 

Master’s Showcase!

"The Master’s Showcase is an annual event where the Huntington Arts Council recognizes the our participating artists who have received either Best in Show or Honorable Mention in the last year of exhibitions. The shows were: Discovering Long Island, Object’s Found, Bright Colors Bold Strokes: Creations of Lowbrow and Horror Vacui: Fear of the Empty."

"I think it’s pretty important for an artist or filmmaker to put parts of themselves in their work. That’s what it’s all about really: self-expression." 

"I started White Trash Debutantes as a fun party band.. My pal Joey Ramone became an instant supporter of the band and he put us on ..."

Agent Jay from The Slackers!

"I've a 'solo project' called CRAZY BALDHEAD since 1997. It's mostly a studio Reggae / Ska project, but we've played a handful of shows over the years, and backed up some classic Jamaican singers. I had a Punk band called THE FACTS, with Brukky from The Frightnrs (RIP), Jah Point, and Chris from A-Truth. "

​​Check it out, the Exclusive Interview with Buck from The Defects!

"The original Defects met when we were all kids in the same neighborhood and into the same kind of music; mainly The Clash and The Damned, etc... 1st wave punk.."

"Emerging from the smoke of the Brazilian rainforest fires, the extremely modern architecture of Oscar Niemeyr, and oppresive “art scene” ... 

"The best and worst things that happened to the Spike Polite entertainment life......well, for one thing I personally done was: I was then on MTV every..."

Into the Shit Again!

"Last year, MF Gallery and montyill curated a Hardcore Art & Music Fest that shoved boundaries in a combined act of expression and defiance... For the first show of the new decade, we collide again in an even bigger explosion of subversive art and mind bending electronic music!"