"The best and worst things that happened to the Spike Polite entertainment life......well, for one thing I personally done was: I was then on MTV every..."


This exhibition explores the history of queer sex work culture, and its intimate ties to art and activism. Coined by bisexual activist, Carol Leigh, aka. The Scarlot Harlot in 1978, ‘sex work’ is broadly defined as exchanging sex or erotic services for gain and connotes personal agency and politicized action. More than a portrait of life at the margins, what emerges in this exhibit is a demonstration of queer and transgender sex workers’ deep community building, creative organizing, self-empowerment, identity/desire affirmation and healing and the use of pornography as a deft tool for queer and trans liberation. Featured artists include Patrick Angus, Nina Arsenault, Robert Blanchon, Fernando Carpaneda, Tee Corinne, Ben Cuevas, Chloe Dzubilo, Juniper Fleming, Amber Hawk Swanson, Xandra Ibarra, Efrain John-Gonzalez, Bruce LaBruce, Robert Mapplethorpe, shawné michaelain holloway, Midori, D’Angelo Madsen Minax, Leon Mostovoy, Ms. Naughty, Pink + White Productions, Mirha Soleil- Ross, Annie Sprinkle, Pluma Sumaq, Veronica Vera, Khalil West & Ajamu, and David Wojnarowicz. More

"I think it’s pretty important for an artist or filmmaker to put parts of themselves in their work. That’s what it’s all about really: self-expression." 

Life Imitates Art Exhibition at Sotheby's!

The Life Imitates Art exhibition at Sotheby's Auction House brought together works by the Sotheby's staff celebrating the talent and passion for art that is at the heart of their mission.  The diverse creativity of the team was represented by a variety of media including painting, sculpture, photography, and digital media. 

​​Check it out, the Exclusive Interview with artist Matt Myers Aka Eronin!

I'm basically an Outsider artist, because my interests are in erotica and most of my efforts go in that direction, which is counter-culture compared to what most art galleries represent. 

Natalia Nova


DARREN FINIZIO. Whether rolling around and screaming on America’s Got Talent or irritating ununderstanding sound guys, Darren Finizio has been a cult figure in the Philadelphia underground music scene for decades. He is the creator and composer of the "Identity Bands": Hoppy the Frog, Muscle Factory, Well-Hung Man, Dyke, Faggot, Casket, Paraplegic..

Spike Polite 

Led by FEDDY BEGEMOT and supported by a “family” musicians Selferadication Dpt. is an anarcho-punk band that first appeared in the USSR in 1982. As common for the time, the group was investigated and then banned by the KGB in 1984.

Cape Town, South Africa Graffiti!

Check it out some amazing photos of graffiti in Cape Town South Africa.  We had the chance to visit Cape Town this summer and here’s what we found on its walls! Photos by Gregory Norris!

San Francisco Graffiti! 

We had the chance to visit San Francisco this summer and here’s what we found on its walls! Check it out some amazing photos  taken by Gregory Norris!

"I started White Trash Debutantes as a fun party band.. My pal Joey Ramone became an instant supporter of the band and he put us on ..."

CAMDEN - "Personally I found punk to be the outlet to be yourself, while bettering your life without sacrificing who you are.  "

New York Underground!

THE LEGENDARY BAND: Nihilistics at Sinclair`s Pub!

THE oldest active punk band in NY. This concert took place at Sinclair’s Pub on Long Island in 2012. One of the band's best shows, insanely rocking the crowd with old punk rawk. Lots of beer, lots of pogo, and lots of fun!

"My art is motivated by curiosity. I feel an urge to respond to current global issues, reflect time and situations I find myself in.."

ArteRotica|The Fashion Week Edition at Madame X!

ArteRoTica exhibits carefully chosen artists whose art represents various forms and expressions of eroticism. The event features erotic displays of art – from photography to fine art and performance art. 

Beau MacCall



Iri Vilela!

Emerging from the smoke of the Brazilian rainforest fires, the extremely modern architecture of Oscar Niemeyr, and oppresive “art scene” of Brazil’s capital comes to us Iri Vilela. From a very young age Iri Vilela, dedicated himself  to drawing and painting in the styles of fantastic realism and magic realism. 

Johnny Terris 


September 28, 2019 – January 19, 2020. Curated by Alexis Heller.

Photo by Tommy Beall. 

The Rocky Horror Picture [Art] Show !
LET'S DO THE TIME WARP AGAIN with sculptures, paintings, drawings, prints and more, all inspired by The Rocky Horror Picture Show.... Give yourself over to absolute pleasure: dress up as your favorite character, grab a drink and sing along to the movie, which will be projected right inside the gallery!

ARD was founded in the fall of 1984 in Gama (a sattelite city near Brasília, Federal Dsitrict, Brazil). Their first recording was the 1986 split LP Ataque as Hordas do Poder, which they shared with B-sbh, a punk band from Brasília.

ISSUE NUMBER 21 Featuring: Exclusive Interview with artist Matt Myers Aka Eronin! More: Evaldas Gulbinas, Iri Vilela, Life Imitates Art at Sotheby's, Raquel Díaz, Elvia Iannaccone Gezlev. Plus: The Rocky Horror Picture [Art] Show, Vox Lugosi, San Francisco Graffiti, New York Underground, Street Art, ArteRotica, The Fashion Week Edition at Madame X, South Africa Graffiti and many more!

Raquel Díaz!

Raquel Díaz is a Brooklyn based artist, born and raised in the countryside of Spain in 1992. She is a prolific and versatile self-taught creator with a big body of work which includes different periods and the discovery of Art Movements. 

"Photographer, filmmaker, or colleague of Grammy Award winner Ian Cutler? An Artist? Natalya Nova is art. Many times with herself as the focus of...  "

Elvia Iannaccone Gezlev!

Elvia Iannaccone Gezlev was born in 1968, in Avellino, and grew up in Milano, Italy. Because of her passion for traveling, photography and subcultures she landed a job as a staff photographer for the first italian tattoo magazine called Tattoo Revue (Tattoo Planet in USA). 

Vox Lugosi!

Vox Lugosi is a post punk band from Brasília started in December 2018. The band debuted in the gothic and alternative scene of the Capital with 80’s musicality, lyricism, energy, and emotion. Vox Lugosi continues to perform at venues and festivals in the city and playing with bands such as Finis Africae and Mercenárias.



Ginger Coyote 

"I’m known as: The Button Man, Sir Buttons, Lord Buttons, and Count Buttons. I have these nicknames because in my art "

Marius Leaf


Evaldas Gulbinas! 

My name is Evaldas Gulbinas. I am a fine artist and tattooist based in London,UK. Originally I am from Kedainiai City, Lithuania. I create sculptures / installations and paintings using graphic shapes, bright block colours and playful tactile composition.