West Village Graffiti!

Check it out some amazing photos of graffiti and stickers slapped in West Village in NY.  We had the chance to visit New York City this summer and here’s what we found on its walls!  

Exclusive interview with Powers Court`s lead singer Danie Powers!  "POWERS COURT is the name of a castle and gardens in Ireland that once belonged to my ancestors. Steve came up with the name after seeing photos of it in a book his father had. It was kind of ironic. We were just discussing what we could come up with that nobody else would have...."

Chux Artery!

Hailing from Southern Nevada USA, a place best known for its legal prostitution laws and extraterrestrial activity, Chux Artery began creating through vandalism, tattoo design, and flyers for his various musical acts. By early adulthood it was clear that creating on all platforms was what he was meant to do. 

"I started White Trash Debutantes as a fun party band.. My pal Joey Ramone became an instant supporter of the band and he put us on ..."

 Exclusive Interview with Rev.Yolanda. "My earliest influences were country gospel singers like Vestal Goodman and The Rambos. Then came the Beatles and The Rolling Stones. The Stones recorded the album Sticky Fingers in my hometown. "

"I think it’s pretty important for an artist or filmmaker to put parts of themselves in their work. That’s what it’s all about really: self-expression." 

ISSUE NUMBER 20 Featuring: Exclusive Interview with artist Martina Secondo Russo! More: Brian Kelly, Steven Berroteran, Brian J. Hoffman, Clementine Giraud, Zak Hutson, Doug Mac, Gabriel Milne, Chux Artery, Diversity in Our Lives at Art League of Long Island, Members Showcase at Huntington Arts Council, Arrows Of Desire at The Horse Hospital in London, Black is Such a Happy Color at  MF Gallery, West Village Graffiti, New York Underground, Street Art and many More!!

Clementine Giraud

A graduate of ENSAD (Ecole Nationale Superieure des Arts Décoratifs) in Paris, Clementine Giraud is a passionate illustrator from the South of France. Her studies extended to the School of the Art Institute of Chicago where her final project centered on the dark side of cruel children. 

Scooter LaForge 

Brian J. Hoffman! 

Hoffman’s art is slightly surreal yet familiar because he likes to “screw with the beauty of things.” He describes his work as digital printmaking and the style as Lowbrow.  Printmaking has taught him that imperfections can make all the difference in a piece. 

Here at the Carpazine office we are excited to be listening to our favorite Istanbul garage punk new wave band Reptilians from Andromeda's new album: "Dialogues for Monkeys".  The new album was released by Prof Sny Records (Czechia) on 22th January 2018.

Johnny Terris 

"My art is motivated by curiosity. I feel an urge to respond to current global issues, reflect time and situations I find myself in.."

Arrows Of Desire Opening Party! At The Horse Hospital, London!

Saint Sebastian would have been proud! The opening of the exhibition "Arrows Of Desire" at the Horse Hospital Gallery in London, curated by Manko, was a dizzying and bright crowd.  

"The best and worst things that happened to the Spike Polite entertainment life......well, for one thing I personally done was: I was then on MTV every..."

Steven Berroteran!

Life is strenuous; life is constant. Through the struggles, depression, love and hate in our lives, we physically and subconsciously affect our bodies and ourselves. We spend our time exhausting and enduring our own limitations in hopes of bettering a situation or relationships...

Ginger Coyote 

Black Is Such A Happy Color! 
Opening party at MF Gallery, Brooklyn!

Black is Such a Happy Color is an exhibition of artwork that uses dark symbolism and a dark sense of humor to stare into the maw of life’s many twists and traumas.

MUSKGA - "Once upon a time, 3 freaks wanted to have the world at his feet, with the trilogy Sex, ShapeDrugs and Rock 'n' Roll. But reality is not based on that plot. "

New York Underground!

Short  Fuse,  Skum  City  and 

The  Straphanger at ABC No RIO!

Carpazine was at the art collective, ABC No Rio, in 2012 to watch the bands: Short Fuse, Skum City, and The Straphangers. Great shows. A lot of energy. The crowd was crazy ...

Brian Kelly!

In Berlin for the last decade, American tattoo artist Brian Kelly has been creating tattoo flash using the cut-up technique of Brion Gysin and William Burroughs.  The cut-up technique, as it may sound, involves cutting up images and reassembling them at random...


" I love going to art galleries, museums, and movies, and I support all forms of art, be it dance, theater, writing, singing…."

​​Check it out, the Exclusive Interview with artist Martina Secondo Russo!
I paint figures in a style that has an early renaissance feel, mixed with a bit of Pop Art. I like to juxtapose abject art elements with bright colors and beautiful...


Doug Mac!

Doug Mac is an American illustrator, painter, and animator. Alice In Chains, Lita Ford, Shinedown, and Judas Priest Are just a few of the bands on his client list.  For the last three years Gibson and Fender Guitars have featured Doug’s custom crazy paint jobs. They are owned by The Graham Collection...

Members Showcase at
Huntington Arts Council!

The Member at the Huntington Arts Council featured exclusive exhibits of artist members. This years show highlights the work of: Shain Bard, Leslie Barnett, Carla Bell, Anne Barash Breitstein, Joyce Bressler....




"Photographer, filmmaker, or colleague of Grammy Award winner Ian Cutler? An Artist? Natalya Nova is art. Many times with herself as the focus of...  "



Gabriel Milne! 

Gabriel Milne is a Visual Artist. Born and raised in Sacramento, California he moved to Los Angeles to complete his education in the arts. His work has been exhibited throughout the country and is in many private collections. 

Natalia Nova

Zak Hutson!

My work is about a parallel dystopian universe. I am fascinated by the concept of astral projection, life beyond death, and travelling between parallel worlds. I derive my inspiration from a variety of sources. I am an avid reader of pulp science fiction novels and anything about psychedelic shamanism. 

Spike Polite 

Marius Leaf

Diversity in Our Lives! 
Opening Party at Art League of Long Island, New York.

The concept of diversity encompasses acceptance and respect. It means understanding that each individual is unique, and recognizing our individual differences.