Carpazine Art Magazine Issue Number 17 Featuring Exclusive Interview with Underground Filmmaker and Actor Johnny Terris! More: Jaymes Fedor, Terry Graff, Kevin Hallagan, Agustin Roba, Odessa Blackmore! ALSO: Out Of Step: Art of the Counterculture, MF Gallery`s 15th Anniversary Art Show, New York Underground, West Village Graffiti, Baby Punk Stickers, Pulse Pumps, Gary Robert and Community and Many More!



Gary Robert and Community

“Isolation” is the title of the new LP by Gary Robert and Community. Baritone vocalist Gary Robert powers the melody leads the way through a collection of abstract stories drenched in moods of dark and light. A dissonant rocking feedback ridden guitar adds some color and punch to songs that are about ambition, melancholy, and relentless determination. More:

Jaymes Fedor

Kevin Hallagan. Born in New Jersey, Kevin Hallagan’s cinematic studies and pursuits led him through six states including Los Angeles where he currently resides and expresses those life experiences through a variety of techniques and mediums. More:

Gender and sexuality are elusive little concepts that ebb and flow through the unapologetic autobiographical art of Jaymes Fedor. Her work explores vulnerability, sexuality, and isolation through playful compositions and uncertain companionships. The bizarre little drawings and the colorful freaky stuff in between...More:


Pulse Pumps 

Follow the Light 99 is the result of the search for my “Ego” through the collection of 99“mirrors”. The work is based on Jacques Lacans theory of the “Mirror Stage”, which exemplifies that the infant is captivated by the image of itself in the mirror and becomes aware that is an “I”. This is the first stage in the formation of the subject and the constituting of the “Ego”. The individual originating in an absence, just like the image forming on the photographic negative. More:

West Village Graffiti!


The gallery quickly became a meeting point for underground artists and international collectors. In 2009, MF Gallery opened a second location in Genova, Italy, introducing many of the best American artists to the Italian public and bringing some Italian artists back to the U.S. Also in 2009, the NYC gallery moved to a bigger space in Gowanus, Brooklyn. Thanks to all of MF Gallery’s great artists, collectors and friends, our 15 year journey has been incredible! Here's to the future! More:

Out Of Step: Art of the Counterculture!

The Casualties at Sinclairs Pub on Long Island New York, was one of the band’s best shows. This old show at Sinclairs Pub with singer Jorge Herrera was one of the best I've ever seen. Lots of fun, lots of energy, and lots of beers. At the end of the show Carpazine met Jake Kolatis, a fantastic guy, very friendly and very cool with all people around him. The original vocalist of the band Jorge Herrera retired from touring in 2017. In his place, The Casualties recruited new singer David Rodriguez who has allowed the band to continue with all the Punk Rock energy. More:

Out Of Step: Art of the Counterculture curated by the Trenton Punk Rock Flea Market. Out Of Step: Art of the Counterculture shines a spotlight on punk's current impact on art. This show will feature dozens of counterculture artists who aspire to swim upstream & rise above the common expectations of art with divergent ways of thinking and a strong DIY ethic. These are the artists of the underground. More:

Odessa Blackmore

I live in the city. It can be loud, depressing, and yet- I find it really beautiful. I began a fascination with safety cones, hazard signs, and other construction barriers. These brightly colored objects were everywhere as a form of caution, but never given much attention to. I am frequently taking pictures around the city to refer to later and find myself painting from these photos as a tribute to my environment, the San Francisco Bay Area, as well as the city as a landscape. Growing up in the Bay Area, the art scene out here has had a huge influence on me. More:

Terry Graff is a full-time professional working artist who has maintained an active studio practice since 1975. The recipient of major sculpture commissions, acquisitions, grants, and awards, his work has been presented regionally, nationally, and internationally, and includes mixed media drawings, paintings, collages, assemblages, sculpture, kinetic works, and multi-media installations. In the 1970s, Graff began fusing images of ducks with machinery as a visual expression of the process of becoming modified or transformed for survival in a dystopian world. Over the years, he has continued to employ dark humour to draw attention to serious social, political and environmental issues, creating a wide range of “Eco-Deco” works: “ornithotronic” constructions and sculpture, robotic duck decoys, mechanical simulations of wetland environments and other ecological systems, and futuristic, post-apocalyptic aviaries that often include quirky visual source material from his childhood encoded or embedded with cultural constructions of nature and that reference old-fashioned shooting galleries and pinball machines. At once humorous and horrific, Graff’s most recent work, “The WARBIRD Series”, continues his focus on hybridizations of nature and technology through the fusion of birds with war machinery and combat weaponry in a black comedy of nature fighting back. More: 



Alain Bellino 

The group has been based in Moscow since 2014 from fragments of previous projects. I called my friend Vova and I told him that I had to finish the fight for Russian independent rock. We immediately decided to begin to rehearsing. We grew up on the British rock music of the beginning of the 90th and so that is the style we play. The achievement in and of itself – to play in the died-out style, in English, in the country of vodka, street muggers, and a chanson. It is unique and it turns out we’re not too bad. More: