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Trying to make sense of the man made world and all its micro parts is enough to make anyone loose there footing on the road to purpose. Purpose, and pure creativity separates the meaningful human life experience and a non existence state. More:


Brooklyn Graffiti!

Tal Avitzur 

Anarcho - Punk Band Selferadication Dpt.

Carpazine Art Magazine Issue Number 16 Featuring Exclusive Interview with art curator Eric Le Rouge! More: Michael Alan, Sebastian Gatz, Alain Bellino, Tal Avitzur, +Brauer, Mario Loprete, Stephanie Corr Gartanutti Anika Turchan! Also: MUSCULOIDS, the Infamous Russian Anarcho-Punk Band Selferadication Dpt.! Fernando Carpaneda "New Portraits" Opening Party at MF Gallery! New York Underground, Brooklyn Graffiti and many more!!!

Mario Loprete

Led by Feddy Begemot and supported by a “family” musicians Selferadication Dpt. is an anarcho-punk band that first appeared in the USSR in 1982. As common for the time, the group was investigated and then banned by the KGB in 1984. Spontaneously reunited in 2014, the band released an entire back catalog as well as new records. This is when Anika Turchan stepped in as the only artist who provides artwork for the band's releases. Turchan’s work perfectly matches the sound of the band. More:

Take a journey into absolute strength, where the bulkiest beasts and the brutalist warlords collide in a battle to determine the ultimate fate of the universe. Some will win, some will lose- but all will be known as the final evolution of humankind.. Part man, part mutant, all muscle… MUSCULOIDS!!!!!  More:

Michael Alan

Alain Bellino was born in Nice, Italy in 1955. In the 80’s, he discovered the world of metal and ornamentation in his father’s workshop. There he learned gold and silver plating as well as bronze restoration. After 25 years of practice and technical research dedicated to rehabilitating and recomposing objects his artistic journey began. More:

Sebastian Gatz. Organa Fatal is a spatial-acoustic sculpture, in the form of a synthetic organ – rendered as a reinterpretation of an ecclesiastical triptych. It presents the notion of a posthuman afterlife, activating its surrounding space through a kinetic performance. More:

When we think about the concrete jungle of New York and we think of punk and graffitti, there is an intersection of performers such as the Ramones and Grand Master Flash. Underground art is a reflection of the often gritty urban life that surrounds its artists. Concrete is fluid and adaptive at first and then solid, stubborn, and tough. Crossing over into Italian painter and sculptor Mario Loprete’s world we can see through his filters, his visions transformed into and onto concrete’s real and solid form. More:


“Viva la Robolución!” +Brauer’s upcycled, retro-futuristic luminous.

+Brauer created his first robot sculpture about ten years ago in his Parisian workshop just outside of Paris, located in a neighbourhood with a strong artisanal and industrial past. This sculpture had keys for arms and was housed in a simplistic metal case topped off by an insulator. Born out of what could be termed a poetic resistance to overconsumption, the artist chooses components for his sculptures that have an industrial past. Having been marked by time and boasting patinas derived from hard use imbues the robots with their very specific character and makes them more visually interesting. More:


20 years ago while artist Tal Avitzur was visiting salvage yards in search of material to refurbish a fixer upper home he was amazed at the treasures he found there.  He began collecting objects that other people thought of as trash, and from that collection these sculptures were born. More:

Alain Bellino 

Stephanie Corr Gartanutti began as a painter, but when complications with multiple sclerosis diminished her fine motor skills she turned to sculpting. Weaving and manipulating wire into figures became therapeutic. More:


“Art survival / living with it”