Bam Bam Bam is a garage rock / punk band from Ankara. The capital of Turkey is well known for its grayness, rock bands, and government buildings. There is no sea in Ankara.Berk Ozzambak was finishing university in 2015 and playing guitar. He wanted to play with a drummer and Serkan İzci replied to Berk’s ad. Apparently they got along really well.They found Arin Altay to sing. Arın is a punk. By the time he joined the band he was sleeping in the parks of Ankara with the other punks. He has a car, 3 striped t-shirts, 2 trousers, 1 jumper, 1 leather jacket, and a Gençlerbirliği Football Club scarf. More:

New York City Graffiti!

Robb Spath

Carpazine Art Magazine Issue Number 14 Featuring Exclusive Interview with Spike Polite of Sewage. More: Marc Kiska, Dion Hitchings, Andrew Stuart H, Kyle Confehr, Luis Martin, Robb Spath, Bam Bam Bam! Punk Rock Band from Ankara, New York City Graffiti, MF Gallery 15TH Annual Halloween Art Show and many more!!

Andrew Stuart H.

Gathering the images of comics and wakefulness and viewing them as a surrealist dream world Philadelphia’s son defies labeling. Idiosyncratic painter collagist?  The topics range from serious to humorous, the visual tectonics of Andrew Stuart H. focus varied images that skip merrily hand-in-hand between seeing outward and within.​ More:


I am a New York artist originally from Los Angeles. Collaging, to me, is the ultimate democratic and political art practice. Its source material can be anything and everything available to the artist. Every choice the artist makes gives new meaning and context to the images being collaged. By exercising appropriation, an act usually limited to those with absolute power, I give meaning to the images around me instead of it being imposed on me through media and advertisement. More:

Portraits on Recycled Trash

 Marc Kiska 


Kyle Confehr

Luis Martin / The Art Engineer 

Back in 2003, MF Gallery had their very first Annual Halloween Art Show. Owners Martina and Frank Russo decided to celebrate their favorite holiday by showing the spookiest, creepiest, Halloween themed art from around the globe!This year's show includes art by: Cookielie, Conqueror Worm, Drew Maillard, Erica Doll, Fernando Carpaneda, Frank Russo, Glenn Wernig, Grimsoul Art, Jeff Zornow, Jen Swisstack,  Karikatura, Kathleen Hayes, Lauren Utter, Macchiavello, & more...


The sound of scissors… scissor… scissor… the deep finite drag of an Xacto knife…

Flat broke, fired, and dealing with cabin fever it was a book on hand-cut art found in a thrift store where Robb Spath found therapy- and something to occupy his hands. He picked up something sharp “and began cutting stuff up.” More:

Tom Of Finland the Movie!


Kyle Confehr is an artist, a man, and a friend of the talented local blue collar art communities in which he has existed. Studies in illustration and graphic design and life have sent him living in Pennsylvania, New York, and Texas. His professional journey began interning and freelancing at Zoo York Skateboards under the umbrella company Ecko. There he studied graffiti and its influence in the fashion world. More:

Within my artwork I have found my own "Unique World" which has no rules or boundaries. My inspirations are varied and vast, everyhting from dreams and indians, nuns and demons, the Jerry Springer Show and chickens to sins and celebrities. My world and therefore my art, is guaranteed to be colorful, self-revealing, emotional, chidlike and an "eye full" to all who view it. More:

Born in France in 1983 Marc Kiska was raised by schoolteachers in a small town close to Saint-Etienne. The shame and denial and confusion of being different in so many ways, including the discovery of his homosexuality, all strongly marked his world-view and values. As an adolescent he was deeply attracted to underground culture: alternative lifestyles, romanticizing decadence, and rebellion. All of which has deeply influenced his work. As a quiet, introverted, boy Kiska started writing at the age of 14. In love with fantasy and the wonders, with dreams and the inner, troubled worlds of youngsters doubting, opposing and distrusting the hollow, grave reality of adulthood. Disillusioned by a lack of substantial mirroring and genuine ideals, he absorbed himself with the outlands of normality: a Kaspar Hauser falling in love with Arthur Rimbaud who promises something more somewhere else. More: