Opening Party at XXX Arte Contemporânea. 

Scooter LaForge. Photographer:Eva Muller 

Evel Knievel Art Show!

A Quotidian Life:Finding Beauty in the Ordinary at Jeanie Tengelsen Gallery - Curated by Franklin Hill Perrell, former curator at the Nassau County Museum of Art. 
Borrowing from the concept of “Genre Painting”, epitomized by Edward Hopper’s “Nighthawks” 1942 painting of patrons seated in a diner, visual artists from Suffolk, Nassau, Brooklyn, and Queens were asked to submit two- or three-dimensional works addressing beauty in the ordinary or commonplace.   However, in this exhibit in addition to the human dynamic, the theme invites artists to also consider the beauty that may be found in the quality of light or color, or the surprise of a repeated form. MORE

At age 30 it is apparent that Matveychenko Sergey made the right decision to create. Known as Mr. Matthew Morpheus the Ukrainian has received awards in Beijing. Moscow, and New York for his abstract work. His writing credits include: Zero Emotion, Elysium, and Philosophy of the XXI Century: On the Other Side of Truth. More 



Carpazine Art Magazine Issue Number 12 Featuring Exclusive Interview with artist Scooter LaForge. More: Natalya Nova, Mr.Matthew Morpheus, Ricardo Gauthama, Punk Rock Band Asperger, Interview with underground artist Doug Firmino, New York City Graffiti, Evel Knievel Art Show at MF Gallery, A Quotidian Life:Finding Beauty in the Ordinary at Jeanie Tengelsen Gallery and many more!!

Photographer, filmmaker, or colleague of Grammy Award winner Ian Cutler? An Artist? Natalya Nova is art. Many times with herself as the focus of the creation, the bright smiley girl is a somber and sensual reflection of an infinite inward journey of herself expressed to the limitless reality of ourselves and our surreal perceptions. Natalya’s work freezes time on the details and moments of life that are only a part of the overwhelming chaotic world to find harmony. MORE

Join MF Gallery and over a dozen artists as we pay tribute to The Man, The Hero, The American Legend, who brought decades of nerve wracking bone chilling excitement into the hearts of so many in this great country! The artwork featured will include paintings, drawings, prints and sculptures in a wide range of prices and materials.Evel Knievel was the pioneer of distance motorcycle jumping. He jumped everything from cars, buses, fountains, and even attempted to jump a canyon with a rocket powered motorcycle! His showmanship, skill and disdain for death made him an American Folk Hero and gained him fame and fortune. But for his efforts, he paid the price. He crashed more than 20 times and suffered numerous injuries, mostly broken bones. His entry in the Guinness Book of World Records states he had suffered 433 bone fractures by the end of 1975, and when he was forced to retire in 1980, he told reporters he was "nothing but scar tissue and surgical steel.” The daredevil who defied death for decades died in 2007 at the age of 69. MORE



Ricardo Gauthama!

Mr.Matthew Morpheus.“There are no good or bad people, there are only right or wrong decisions.” 


Natalya Nova."She is not human, she is art." 

A little girl at Naples Art Association viewing Super Nova Playroom.

Asperger is a punk rock band formed in November 2015 by Zafer Yerlikaya (guitars and vocals), Berkan Çalışkan (drums), Atakan Uymaz (bass guitar), and Ozan Bodur (lead guitar). Torbacıdan Gelen Bayram SMS'leri was released as their first single in March 2017 on Youtube followed by Spotify, Itunes, etc. The single was supported with performances at Peyote Nevizade, Woodstock, EskiyEni, and Retro Rock Bar. The single appears on their first album titled Pestenkerani released via all online platforms in July of the same year. This was followed by an official video for Torbacıdan Gelen Bayram SMS'lerion Youtube. More:

New York City Graffiti!

 Interview with underground artist Doug Firmino!