58th Long Island Artists Exhibition!
Jurors: Elizabeth Denny, Owner and Robert Dimin, Director of the Denny Gallery 261 Broome St., NYC. Congratulations to the artists selected to participate in the exhibit.  Out of 667 works of art submitted for consideration, Exhibition Jurors Elizabeth Denny and Robert Dimin selected 60 works to display in the gallery. Congratulations to the following award winners: Awards of Excellence, Andrea Manning, “Blue with Zip”, Acrylic, latex paint (3-D), Glenn McNab, “Bamboo Lantern”, Raku fired pottery (3-D), Melanie Reese, “Sexuality IV”, Acrylic, spray paint on canvas (2-D). More:  

Simon O’ Corra trained as a theatre designer at the Mountview Academy, London in 1986 and 1987. This specialization, coupled with years within social and health care plus ongoing work as a gay activist and queer theorist has led to his current art practice. This work focuses on a socio-political slant, especially in relation to war and its horrific realities and the ways in which humans are able to transcend these realities of their everyday lives. There are paradoxes in O’ Corra’s work which juxtapose heinous events with joyful self-expression and rampant commercialism. More:

Kate McCarthy

'Powers Court' is a power-trio formed by singer/guitarist, Danie Powers and bassist, Steve Murray. The group produced a self-financed, three song demo under the original band name, 'Equinox', which was founded by Danie Powers. This effort was followed with the release of the band's self-financed, self-titled CD in 1996 under the name, 'Powers Court'. Check the Interview Here! 


Exclusive interview with Powers Court`s lead singer Danie Powers!

Emerging from Istanbul, Turkey in April, 2016 Hedonistic Noise is a PUNK ROCK BAND. Known for Noisy and aggressive sounds, the original and current line-up is: Orçun Özdemir (vocals, guitar), Emre Terzioğlu (bass), and Doğa Gürkan (drums, percussion). Silence Is More Musical: the immersive debut album titled was released on April 15, 2017.  When it blasts through the Carpazine office speakers we literally return to our slam dancing mosh pit days. Silence Is More musically leans on the shorter side of things; outside of the final two tracks the other songs come in at under three minutes. Rick Wakeman eat your heart out. Gaining recognition, Hedonist Noise has been included in Istanbul Street Thrash Compilation on transparent green vinyl which was a limited printing of only 500 pieces. You can check it out from Prof Sny Records bandcamp page.More:

   Carpazine Art Magazine Issue 11 Featuring:

Istanbul’s underground garage cult band: Reptilians from Andromeda are back! Groove Overdrive, is an EP released on Cruel Nature Records in April 2017. The Groove Overdrive cassette release features five new, trippy and dangerously unhinged tracks. Recorded and mixed by the band in Istanbul and mastered in the UK by producer Fran Ashcroft (Pretty Things,The Kingsmen,Lords of Acid).More:

"Damn Dirty Ape Show"  at MF Gallery!

At the Matthew Rachman Gallery in Chicago the work of projective pop artist Kate McCarthy stands out. The Fantastic Nest exhibition running from June 2nd to July 23rd  will feature her highly collectible characters of vibrant cozy color. The Queenslander turned Tasmanian has brought her soft sculptures and paintings to several continents. The brave vision of childlike flexible shapes and imagery in her imagination are pulled together with near perfect technique and finishing. More: 


Marius Leaf

My art is motivated by curiosity. I feel an urge to respond to current global issues, reflect time and situations I find myself in. I am interested in subjects that are universally human: identity, sexuality, social status, religious, and political ideologies. Pencil has been the first art media that I chose to code my experiences; by using symbolism and surrealistically fluid-anthropomorphic figures. More: 


Colossal art show, co-curated by Moses Jaen and MF Gallery featuring painters, sculptors and illustrators including: Adam Carlson, Alex Chavez, Ally Atchison, Anastasia Kalivas, Bob Fingerman, Chinacat, Dark Arts Stan, Dos Diablos, Doug LaRocca, Drew Maillard, Eric Tengren, Erwin Papa, Frank Russo, Hana Mulyati, John Black, John Cebollero, John Thompson, Kamila Mlynarczyk, Karikatura, Keith Ciaramello, Kip Rathke, Leigh Walls, Lou Becker, Lou Rusconi, Martina Secondo Russo, Matt Bober, MCA, Michael, Swisstack, Mike Falcigno, Mike Mendez, Mikey Kloepfer, Moses Jaen, RC Aradio, Red Rooster, Rick Cortes, Stanley Larusso, and More:

New York City Graffiti!

PUNK ISLAND 2017! June 18th on Randall's Island!

Carpazine Art Magazine Issue Number 11 Featuring Exclusive Interview with Gazelle: Performance Art Extraordinaire. More: Marius Leaf, Kate McCarthy, Simon O’ Corra, 58th Long Island Artists Exhibition, Damn Dirty Ape Show at MF Gallery, New York City Graffiti, Spike Polite & Sewage, Exclusive interview with Powers Court`s lead singer Danie Powers, Hedonistic Noise, Reptilians from Andromeda are back with Groove Overdrive EP! 

Hedonistic Noise!

The early days of SEWAGE as a band, began as squatters at 3BC hanging out in Tompkins Square Park and involving themselves in the riots including the 1991 Riot. Sewage has performed multiple times in the celebrated New York City Cannabis (Pot) Parade with rocker David Peel; Onyx, and Cypress Hill (a popular Hip Hop act in 1992). On June 27th 1993, Sewage opened up the fatal final show of infamous scum rocker GG ALLIN. Sewage has performed at ABCnoRio (http://www.abcnorio.org) with Bambi as well as with the drunk punk band Public Nuisance. SEWAGE has performed at a number of squat shows even playing with the Casualties at the 13th Street Squat. The band lived in the squats and on the streets yet were not crusties or politically activists. Rather, the group's members fought street and bar fights, as well as challenging abusive authority in a time when gentrification was starting back when police were shutting down the neighborhood and evicting artists and musicians for purposes of development. Spike and Sewage were selected as the quintessential punk look and were included in the filming of the Rock-n-Roll Hall of Fame's documentary the History of Punk Rock, a permanent instalment at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame where a photo of younger Spike stands in front of CBGBs in 1998. Sewage is a mainstay on the New York Tristate Punk and Punk Rock scene having performed live on Crucial Chaos WNYU radio a s well as a couple of Squat Pirate radio stations. SEWAGE has performed frequently at CBGB's with...More:  

Simon O’ Corra