Alex Hornest – AKA: ONESTO (1972) is a multidisciplinary artist who lives and works in São Paulo: a city that inspires him and leads him to reflect..


His work has been obtained by numerous collectors including actor Jamie Foxx, and has been commissioned by brands such as Neff Headwear...


Postcards From The Edge: MF Gallery!

"Cover Photo by Doug Sanford."

From crumbling corners and the cacophony of the streets to the silent dusty dark forgotten spaces of old bookstores Rael Brian finds freedom. The punk rock echoing in his head is not chaos, but, an orderly....

ONESTO:Multidisciplinary Artist!

"Punk Rock Boys" is a catalog of 21 acrylic portraits depicting the contemporary punk rock generation in New York City. This collection is part of a series of works depicting the current New York hardcore scene.

Exclusive Interview with REPTILIANS FROM ANDROMEDA!
Carpazine:Tell us the brief history of your band.
Tolga: Everything just started with Aybike and me. Our relationship is always creative. Before we married, we had been jamming with our friends for fun. I was playing with my punk rock band, "Rashit", for 20 years and I got bored to be in a band in that time. We had just began to record experimental instrumental tracks with Aybike and made video collages for them under the name "Solar Chaos" who released an album for a Canadian record label: "Fuck Yr Body Up". After that, Aybike wrote some lyrics and we recorded four songs on a holiday trip, it's our family fun at the beginning. We changed our name to "Reptilians From Andromeda" and we got good feedback from Some US labels after we uploaded our songs to SoundCloud. We released four Ep's and an album in just three months.  MORE:

"Postcards From The Edge: Posters And Artwork Of The NYC Punk Scene" includes many original flyers and posters from the 1970's to the present...


Rael Brian: Collages!


The world around us is always changing and ever evolving, but, in this century it may be for the worst. Deforestation, GMO's, a plastic wasteland, and PCB's. Manmade poisons reside around us and will continue...


George Davis Serrano: Artist!

Cover Photo by Doug Sanford. Doug Sanford`s work has been seen in magazines that include Rolling Stone, Instyle, Cosmo and People as well as in national advertisements for clients that include Coca Cola, Hersheys, and Discovery.

Heather Freitas: Wasteland series!

Fernando Carpaneda is definitely one of the most important artists of Brazil's underground art scene. Fernando began his career at age thirteen painting landscapes and unpretentious portraits. He honed his craft and talent with every new piece created. Today, the young boy has become a man, his acclaimed art ever growing with international recognition and appreciation! The lack of social acceptance of "underground" and street culture depicted in his work made the early years of Fernando's career in Brasilia difficult to say the least. When a renowned art gallery owner suggested changes in Fernando's works to make them ''fit better”, Carpaneda broke with the conventionality of art galleries and took off for a far more personal and radical artistic journey. He began to exhibit in unofficial spaces or just simply in the streets, he often got his inspiration from these very same places. At the same time, some of the new admirers of his art became stars of international rock music or found fame in the film industry. These include: Arturo Vega (The Ramones), Leigh De Vries, Ginger Coyote, myself (Manoush), and many others. With aggressive creativity and the unusual use of unorthodox  materials (often coming from disposal), Carpaneda had finally established his art drawn from the streets.  He was invited to...MORE:

Evan Mendel: Artist/Mural Painter!

Here's a taste of what's in Carpazine December/January. Carpazine Underground Art magazine featuring: A Raw Discussion with Morgan Lang, founder of Art Revolution! Plus: Exclusive Interview with Reptilians from Andromeda, Brooklyn Graffiti, Punk Artist SKISMS (Sunrock Painted Leather Jackets), Artists: George Davis Serrano, Rael Brian, ONESTO, Heather Freitas and Evan Mendel. More: Postcards From The Edge: Posters And Artwork Of The NYC Punk Scene at MF Gallery, Punk Rock Boys and more…

A Raw Discussion with Morgan Lang, founder of Art Revolution! "When you live every day of your life as the anomaly, the concept of “normal" suddenly becomes quite abstract."  MORE:

George Davis Serrano doodled his way through childhood. Little did he know then that he had already been imprinted with a love for cubism and other modern painting styles...

Graffiti and punk rock drew skisms into the art world. Starting just four years ago painting his own jackets, this artist in England has ventured over the last year onto canvas and boards.
“I don't see a lot of value in what I do, really, I just have an eye for copying stuff and juxtaposing it.”
Here at CARPAZINE we think it not only has value, we think it’s pretty fucking cool. MORE: