Nathalie Tierce!

"In her career as a professional artist Nathalie Tierce has work on projects as diverse as productions for Shel Silverstein, Andrew Lloyd Webber, the Rolling Stones. Period dramas for the BBC feature films such as Martin Scorsese’s Shutter Island and Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland and painting murals for Disney."

Edgar Vaskanyan!

"In my artworks there’s a combination of styles such as Abstract-Expressionism, Geometric and Architectural Abstraction, Modern Art, Minimalism, Neo-Dada, Americana that contributed to a rise in popularity of American 20th century art".




"Postcards From The Edge: Posters And Artwork Of The NYC Punk Scene"includes many original flyers and posters from the 1970's to the present. "


​​Check it out, the Exclusive interview with artist Natalya Nova!

"To me nudity is not about eroticism, it's about truth and authenticity. There's nothing between me and my Levi's! Nothing between me and my audience."

Luciano Sanchez!
"In recent years my work has turned towards a movement called Urban Surrealism. My works were exhibited at the show about Aesop's fables at Brassworks Gallery Portland, USA in 2021. Now my work takes place in urban spaces where the stories are part of the cities, overcrowded, dirty, and full of walls with graffiti."

Exclusive Interview with Paranormal Alexandre William!

"My body is human but my essence or spirit is extraterrestrial. Everything I experience here on earth will be added to the essence of the Being. The Being often acts more than Alexandre William. All the lives that I accessed during the regression session, after their disincarnation I returned to the life of the Being again, this is my life and death process. So, I'm not human. I am incarnated as a human in this current life."

"So, I saw this guy there, and said, “Hi, how are you?” and shook his hand and talked to him a little bit. It was only after that that I realized it was Charlie Hofheimer. Lol."


"DETHRACE is a theatrical art rock experience... Ten foot tall fiberglass super-robots play 666 volts of ear blasting Heavy Metal Music! 

"When I was about 12 or 13 it was common in our town to fight and fuck. That’s just what you did. You either got in fist fights or you fucked each other."

Annie Rose!

"My first name is Annie Rose, but I am known in a small community of artists as “Slippery Foxtrot.” I was born and raised in Chimayó, New Mexico, and now reside in the Seattle area. My parents were record store owners and concert promoters, so music has always been an inspiration for most of my portrait art. I have a vast and eclectic range of musical appreciation, but punk rock is nostalgic and very near and dear to my heart."

CARPAZINE ART MAGAZINE ISSUE NUMBER 31! Featuring an Exclusive Interview with artist Natalya Nova! More: Luciano Sanchez, Annie Rose, Alexandre William, Nathalie Tierce, Carlos Henrique, Evaldas Gulbinas, Edgar Vaskanyan, Matthew Benedon, Michael Laughlin, Touch Audible Paintings by Reinhardt Hollstein, Ductape New Album "Ruh" and many More!


Evaldas Gulbinas!

"How many people have complexes about their face, body, and emotions? Some people act in suicidal or self-destructive ways. Many people have bad experiences in life. Many people feel pressed or stacked in their lives. Many people feel like they are hanging upside down in their life situation. "

"I met the Exploited when we were in London in January of ‘82. Joined them in the studio and did backing vocals on “Germs”... great times." 


"Don’t be a douche, be nice to everybody. I believe that’s the first stage of anarchism! Be an excellent fella to everybody except a fucking Nazi!! Fuck those guys!! Big time!!"

Michael Laughlin!

"Overlook is a critique of a willingness to submit to new sensibilities in observation. Its intention is to provoke the viewer to seek out what is familiar yet veiled by the dissonance of an oversaturated visual culture. It invites the viewer to engage with misleading, misplaced, misdirected, irrelevant, fragmented and superficial information. . Overlook is mimetic of the visceral discord resulting from an absence of constancy."

Carlos Henrique!

"Through digital art and WebArt, his artistic productions are focused on LGBTQIA+ topics in the context of Cariri Cearense in connection with issues related to race, politics and religiosity. He seeks to unconfigure the retrograde images about the Cariri region and the country towns of the Brazilian Northeast. "

Matthew Benedon!

"I don’t really have a technique. I will simply paint something and then I will continuously paint over it until I feel that it is finished. It’s layers on top of layers on top of layers. I don’t ever go to the canvas with an idea of what I’m painting or what it’s going to look like. I completely surrender to the process, and for that reason I not only do not know what the paintings will look like when they are finished, but I also have no idea how long a painting is going to take".