Bernardo Corman!

"I like simple designs that fuse two disparate items so seamlessly that they look like they have always belonged together. I attended the School of the Art Institute in Chicago back in the day; had several apprenticeships to learn my craft, and worked at the Johnson Atelier Fine Art Foundry in New Jersey for a number of years which helped fill out my abilities as an artisan".

Lena Klyukina 

Steven Berroteran






Konstantine Angelopoulos! 

"Art gives me peace and serves as a vital outlet for me. I approach each panel or canvas with unbridled energy and raw emotion. The process is chaotic yet structured, with layers of textured materials embodying the depth of feeling. I utilize a wide array of materials and mediums, from found art to up-cycled materials from previous works. I employ a variety of power tools, brushes and palette knives to create my vision."


"Kyle Confehr Studies in illustration and graphic design and life have sent him living in Pennsylvania, New York, and Texas". 

Sotheby’s 2021 Employee Exhibition!

Matt Myers and Drew Maillard, welcome back to Carpazine!
"I started here in 2001 and the employee art show was already established, here and in London Sotheby’s. I’m not sure how long before that it started. London have been hosting theirs online for years; this year is the first time for Hong Kong and New York".

"In early 1995, I got in touch with CBGB, and ended up scheduling some exhibitions at CB’s 313 Gallery, which was the CBGB art gallery."

Robb Spath

Long Island Biennial

"The sound of scissors… scissor… scissor… the deep finite drag of an Xacto knife…Flat broke, fired, and dealing with cabin fever it was a book on hand-cut art found in a thrift store where Robb Spath... "

"Life is strenuous; life is constant. Through the struggles, depression, love and hate in our lives, we physically and subconsciously affect our bodies.."

​​Check it out, the Exclusive Interview with artist and musician Marc Floyd! 

"I have been doing music videos for bands from all over the place for the past ten years. We’re now working on a documentary about the amazing Ginger Coyote that is going to be very cool! We also run a Safe House in Vancouver for street kids and high-risk youths who stay with us for a short time while we try to figure out how to help them. We’ve been doing this for over a decade and have had around 800 kids living with us in that time. It definitely keeps us on our toes". 

"Long Island Biennial 2020 at the Heckscher Museum of Art, a juried exhibition featuring exceptional art from contemporary artists!"

Fernando Carpaneda

Paul Vo!

"Late in the afternoon on June 1st 2020, hundreds of protesters had packed onto Interstate 676, marking the third day of civil unrest in Philadelphia after George Floyd, an unarmed Black man, was killed by Minneapolis police. The scene showed protesters scrambling up an embankment to exit the highway as Philadelphia SWAT officers launched tear gas at them. I could hardly sleep and was so inclined to paint this as an ode to the city I'm from Philadelphia".

CARPAZINE ART MAGAZINE ISSUE NUMBER 27! Featuring an Exclusive Interview with artist and musician Marc Floyd! More: Paul Vo, Greg Scaff, Musculoids, Bernardo Corman, Konstantine Angelopoulos. More: MoCa L.I Exhibition SIDLING featuring Kathryn Ko, Puneeta Mittal, Barbara Rocco curated by John Cino. Plus: Sotheby`s 2021 Employee Exhibition, Louisville Graffiti, Ductape and many More!

"Lena Klyukina sips a delicious hot chocolate at Ideas Block in Vilnius, Lithuana but she is not an artsy fartsy dork. Her art is not an easy to swallow combination ...."


After releasing their first EP, Little Monsters, in June 2020 Post-punk / Darkwave duo Ductape has released their first long play album: LABIRENT. This eight song album went live on January 8, 2021. Wooden Girl, the first single from the new album, was released via video in November 2020. LABIRENT features two songs in Turkish: Hata and Tuzak. Mixing and mastering of the album was provided by the Blue House Studios in New Zealand. Vocalist and synth player Cagla Guleray designed the cover art.