Interview with artist Drew Maillard!

Interview with artist Jesse Mosher!


Juliana Rodriguez is an Argentinian visual artist and cinema director based in Raleigh, North Carolina. In celebration of the 7th anniversary of her digital art....

The Smut Peddlers: An Exhibition of PULP!

Tex Buell: Visual Artist and Musician!

"Postcards From The Edge: Posters And Artwork Of The NYC Punk Scene" includes many original flyers and posters from the 1970's to the present. The vibrant, original artwork in the show represents each artist's personal experiences and reflections of the stalwart NYC punk scene, from its’ heyday to still-surviving present. Mediums such as painting, photography, posters and album cover art, artistic fliers, and mixed media work with punk motifs and/or memorabilia will be shown. The show is being co-curated by Martina Secondo Russo (Artist/MF Gallery Owner) Daniella aka Our Lady of Perpetual PMS, (Artist/GLOB founder/Museum Manager) and Xtene Kucinskis. (Artist/Skum City member) Artists in the show include: John Holmstrom, (Punk Magazine) John John Jesse, (Nausea – NYC) Niagara, (Destroy All Monsters) Sean Pierce, (Toilet Boys) Joe Simko, (Garbage Pail Kids) Gary Gilmore, (Wrongway Flyers).....More

Juliana Rodriguez:Revolver Dolls!

Interview with musician CAMDEN!

Death, drugs, and theft litter the broken and straightened streets of the Brasilia (Brazil)  ghetto of Ceilândia. These images and realities also reside within the mind, spirit, and art of Doug Firmino. 

Exclusive Interview with writer, filmmaker, artist, fanzine publisher and founder of Antagonist Movement Ethan Minsker!


Fifty. From Fifth Avenue executives to beggars and skinheads, fifty male models responded to online ads inviting… to have his phallus drawn. Contrary to what...

Carpazine - Tell us the brief history of your band.
Aitor - The Wilsons was created in October 2014 when Andoni (guitar player from Disorders) and Potti (a good friend and partner in crime from high school who had been...MORE

Here's a taste of what's in Carpazine September/October. Carpazine Underground Art magazine featuring: Exclusive Interview with Aitor of THE WILSONS. More: Heavy Negatives, Brooklyn Graffiti, Artist and Musician Tex Buell, International Underground Artist Doug Firmino, Revolver Dolls by Juliana Rodriguez, Just Penis by Fernando Carpaneda at ARTE XXX, The Smut Peddlers: An Exhibition of PULP at MF Gallery Featuring Yuri Makoveychuk, Lawrence Van Abbema, Drew Maillard, Chad Savage, Greg Maillard, Martina Secondo Russo and more…

Smut Peddlers: An Exhibition of Pulp is an exhibition of paintings and drawings curated by Michael Lee Nirenberg in collaboration with MF Gallery. The show includes classic 1960’s pulp paintings by legends such...


Frank Russo:Sketch In The City!


Ginger Coyote: The Carpazine Interview!

Doug Firmino: Underground Artist!

Carpazine: What was your relationship like with Arturo Vega?
Ethan Minsker: Arturo was a part of the Antagonist Movement. He curated many shows with us, mentored our members and myself, he created designs for our clothing and was also

Manoush:Real Wild Child (The Wild One)

Straight outta Brooklyn. The best way to see graffiti in Brooklyn is to cycle the streets with a camera. You can see graffiti from old-school stencil art to....

Tex Buell experiments with painting, digital art, sculpture, and installation. However, he has found his loudest voice with mixed media handmade collage. Many of his pieces possess urgency....

Fernando Carpaneda:Just Penis!