Carlos Henrique is a Cyberpunk artist from Cariri Cearense. He is currently living in Recife, the capital of Pernambuco. Carlos holds a degree in Visual Arts from the Universidade Regional do Cariri– URCA, a Masters in Visual Arts from the Universidade Federal de Pernambuco - UFPE and is image director and graphic designer at the Laboratory of Studies and Creation – BIXÓRDIA and at Ungidas Produtora Cultural. 

Through digital art and WebArt, his artistic productions are focused on LGBTQIA+ topics in the context of Cariri Cearense in connection with issues related to race, politics and religiosity. He seeks to unconfigure the retrograde images about the Cariri region and the country towns of the Brazilian Northeast. Through Visual Arts, this deconfiguration takes place in the representation of deviant bodies that do not conform to the canonicity imposed by supremacy that is not only white, but also cis-heterosexual. 

Based on Ali Prando, a philosopher from São Paulo, the hacking of the unconscious (when transgressive bodies affect the individual colonized mentalities) and the hacking of platforms (when transgressive bodies occupy spaces restricted to the hetero/cis/white men) make up this process of deconfiguration. In this sense, the visual arts are indispensable tools in the decolonization of minds. As well as in the strategies to oppose the onslaught of the hetero-capitalistic CisTeme that aim to eliminate the existences of those that do not obey its norms, whether in the field of image reading, artistic making and in the contextualization of work of art – factors linked to the proposals of their visual productions. Henrique’s works result in a fusion of visual elements belonging to Japanese pop culture, the architectural structures of the State of Ceará, the Christian liturgy and the transgressive bodies that were part of his life. Living a cyberpunk aesthetic with influences such as artists Fernando Carpaneda and Marcelo Gandhi.