C. L. DeMedeiros

There are so many elements coming my way when I work. My dynamic never loses track of time and the elements. I'm able to filter, digest and observe.

Since I was a child I had difficulty with words, to learn my own idioms was a challenge. To be able to look back and notice, I learned Portuguese, Spanish, and English- wasn't easy. My mindset is to intrinsically connect with images. My passion is to talk through images.  My creations come from a common place of observation and abstraction. Sexuality speaks volumes in many of my works. I have never felt ashamed to combine what was in my mind or negative experiences and transubstantiate in 3D stand-alone stories. All together they are telling my story. As a story teller through objects, I feel lucky to be able to share this with you.

Tree of Life, Rumi Baby, I'm not Jesus, Baby Black face, Alice Big Guns, Mamacita, Threesome dolls, La Santa Sapata, and Nuns Feelings are part of my body of work where using broken dolls or found objects I transcend the common ordinary use  to talk about religion of the state of our political daily mess. Chaos seems running free in those creations but, no, everything will always depend on the state of mind, of the views, of how many layers the viewer can peel away after seeing any of my pieces.

We need to be open to not be afraid more than ever, to express our queerness. Nothing is negative until you convince yourself it is negative. I’ve been experiencing transformations all around on very unpleasant situations. I have tons of stories to tell where the very supposedly bad overcome become something, to be remember in a good and much better light. Being Queer is bliss and a blessing, to embrace oneself in our totality is a goal that could take a lifetime, but is not impossible.

I'm pretty glad to be part of this huge fabric that we call NYC. There’s a never boring day or week if you know how to swoosh among so many colorful and one of kind "individuals". If people feel this place is too much, they eventually realize they don't belong. I find peace anywhere I go. I could be happy in any other place, but I'm excited in NYC.

La Santa Sapata