Interview by Carpazine 

produced and attached the posters, sometimes she accompanied me on the street. Currently, the project goes on, only with myself in the production of the “lambes”.

Carpazine - What are you currently working on? 

Bispos de Paris - At the moment I’m planning to launch collective works, doing a “split” with different artists. It would be like if I had a punk band and called your band to release a cassette tape, kind of. I let these things happen naturally. I recently did a split with Rodrigo Ogi. He signs R Hip Hop and is a living legend in the São Paulo graffiti scene, still active. It was a pleasure to share a job with him. There’s also Bebê Punk (Baby Punk), which is the split Carpaneda/Bispos.

Carpazine - Where do you get ideas for your art?

Bispos de Paris - References are punk rock posters, fanzines and artists I admire such as Sesper and Ramon Martins.

Carpazine - Where do you live now?

Bispos de Paris - I’m living in São Paulo, at the Glicério neighbourhood .. the best place in SAO PAULO !!!

Carpazine - Can you give the readers your Website and facebook addresses so they can check you out.

Bispos de Paris - facebook: bispos de paris - instagram: bisposdeparis

Carpazine - Anything you’d like to add?

Bispos de Paris - Respect others, love your family, friends and pets. Peace!

Photo by Thiago Barata

Carpazine - Thanks for doing the interview Sickeira (Bispos de Paris). Give the readers some background information about yourself? 

Bispos de Paris - First of all, thanks for the invitation and for the space. It’s very nice to take part in your magazine!!
About me?! Well, I'm 37 years old, born in Brasilia, I’ve worked for 20 years as a Roadie in the hardcore scene and in major festivals in Brazil, and for the last eight years I’ve been living in São Paulo, which was where the “lambe-lambe” history began in a certain way.

Carpazine - When did you decide to become an artist?

Bispos de Paris - Tough question because I don't consider myself actually an artist, and I don't know if there's a day when you wake up and say: “I'm going to be an artist”. I do these jobs as a way to purge a thing I carry within, called anxiety.

Carpazine - What would you call your style? 

Bispos de Paris - This style here in Brazil is known as “lambe-lambe” (“lick-lick”).

Carpazine - How long have you been painting/drawing/etc?

Bispo de Paris - Well, I got really interested in street posters in 2010 when I was unemployed. On a certain day in my wanderings through São Paulo I ended up in an art exhibition where I accidentally met Mariana Martins, who is the owner of Choque Cultural Gallery. In the end, I got a job as a sidekick in her gallery, where I met Haroldo, from a lambe-lambe crew called SHN, then I realized I could make my works and get on the streets!  A few days later, I spoke with a friend from Brasilia, Natinho, with whom we started Radical Sem Dó (Merciless Radical). We were a crew of three, Natinho, his son Pedro Borges and myself, and it lasted about 9 months. Soon after, we decided to break up for reasons of time and dedication, since we were a team but were not really in sync, due to distance and costs. A year later, I decided to produce a work that would be different from the previous one, I called my girlfriend at the time and set up BisposdeParis (BishopsfromParis). The name was taken from a website with bizarre names given to kids by their families. Lívia worked on the treatment of pictures and I