"Ok so this is a LIFESIZED enlargement of a smaller piece I made in the 90's called "CaddyCorner" (a 59 Cadillac bent 90 degrees like it's going around a corner). I convinced a wealthy Kuwaiti collector to fund/buy this project. It took a year and a half to complete, weighed 2 1/2 tons, was 18 feet around the outside curve and is on display in his corporate headquarters in Kuwait City. This happened from 2007-2009".

Bernardo Corman

My name is Bernardo and I’m a sculptor living and working in New Jersey. The two constants in my career have been a lifelong fascination with Pop-Surrealism and American transportation design from the 1940’s and 50’s. Fusing those two interests provided me with the model for all of my best pieces throughout the years. Exploiting the plasticity of the cast art medium also provides me with a type of freedom to create my signature, cartoony imagery in a way that’s both technically accomplished as well as cosmically humorous. I like simple designs that fuse two disparate items so seamlessly that they look like they have always belonged together. I attended the School of the Art Institute in Chicago back in the day; had several apprenticeships to learn my craft, and worked at the Johnson Atelier Fine Art Foundry in New Jersey for a number of years which helped fill out my abilities as an artisan.

Sharkfighter series. (Squalus Vehiculum Aëronautique)  A vintage P-40 fighter from WWII is mashed up with a great white shark. The newest invasive species. From 2016-17 in cast resin mounted on a block of cast concrete. Hand painted.  This one is 17 inches long.

"Carp! A glorious mashup series of Chinese goldfish and fabulous American 50's cars. Each one is approximately 4 inches. Hand made, hand painted by me. This one is a Studebaker. I've been producing them off and on since 2004. They're cast resin."