Bam Bam Bam is a garage rock / punk band from Ankara. The capital of Turkey is well known for its grayness, rock bands, and government buildings. There is no sea in Ankara.
Berk Ozzambak was finishing university in 2015 and playing guitar. He wanted to play with a drummer and Serkan İzci replied to Berk’s ad. Apparently they got along really well.
They found Arin Altay to sing. Arın is a punk. By the time he joined the band he was sleeping in the parks of Ankara with the other punks. He has a car, 3 striped t-shirts, 2 trousers, 1 jumper, 1 leather jacket, and a Gençlerbirliği Football Club scarf.
The trio then added Firat Buyuktaskin as a bass player. He came directly from the operation theatre with blood on his clothes. He is a gynecologist. He doesn’t use guitar picks.
They say that Berk and Serkan only hugged each other after playing together that first time, nothing more. Serkan is married to a nice girl now… and Berk, Berk moved to China… suspicious? Soon after, Cansu Turgut joined the band, she seems like a sweet, little, Asian girl. But, she has a filthy mouth. She can roll sushi.
After Arın refused to take some money after a gig, Mertkan Akcali became the so called manager of the band. He not only organized any gigs for the band, he even cancelled one.
They released their first EP Dans ve Rock’n Roll in 2016. The EP cover was designed by a collage artist: dragut.collage. A single Arin wrote for Amy Winehouse was released in 2017. Now they are preparing to release their second EP.
There is a vibrant underground music scene in Ankara and yet it is the friendships that Bam Bam Bam is enjoying. Gigs are wild. The government should pay them money (which they wouldn’t accept) for answering people’s need for Pogo.