My first name is Annie Rose, but I am known in a small community of artists as “Slippery Foxtrot.” I was born and raised in Chimayó, New Mexico, and now reside in the Seattle area.

My parents were record store owners and concert promoters, so music has always been an inspiration for most of my portrait art. I have a vast and eclectic range of musical appreciation, but punk rock is nostalgic and very near and dear to my heart.

As an adolescent, I spent much of my time drawing—relishing in the ability to both escape the world, and the desire to create my own. The reality of that desire to escape ultimately led to a heroin addiction at age 17, and in the following six years, along with my dignity and good health, my creative passion was lost.

Twenty years later, after moving to Seattle and rebuilding my life, with a little inspiration from a friend and a #2 pencil, I picked up exactly where I had left off. In my spare time over the next few years—mostly in the middle of the night—I eventually had well over 200 drawings, numerous commissions, and four exhibitions, showing my improvement and dedication.

Though I still consider myself an amateur in many ways, and am terrible at marketing my work, there is no question that this is my passion. All the time and practice over the years has been a cathartic journey; a symbol of my pain, my joy, my sexuality, my love of music, and ultimately my triumph.