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 Exclusive Interview with Paranormal Alexandre William!

Carpazine: Thank you for accepting the interview, Alexandre William. Can you please give the readers some background information about yourself?

Alexandre William: I'm from Anápolis, Brazil. I was born on 5/23/54, I am 67 years old. I currently live in Pirenópolis in Brazil. I'm married. I have two children from my first marriage and one from my second.

Carpazine:  Can you tell me a little about your story, your childhood?

Alexandre William: I am the eleventh child. I had a peaceful and happy childhood with my parents and brothers until I was five years-old when my father passed away and we moved to Brasilia (capital of Brazil)

Carpazine:  At what age did you realize you had paranormal powers?

Alexandre William: At the age of three, when I went out to the backyard of my house and looked at the sky, I saw a huge hand in the sky. The hand had what looked like a cut in the middle of it, three drops of blood and below the drops was a key. I don't really know the meaning of all this.

At the age of five my father died, at that time the wake was at home, his body was in the coffin in the living room , and at the same time my father was sitting on my bed talking to me.

After my father's death we moved to Brasília. We went through a very difficult time. At that time, I began to notice that weird things happened to me that I didn't understand. I would hear someone say something similar to what was happening to me. We were a very Catholic family, and we didn't have access to any kind of information.

Sometimes I would look at someone and see a diseased organ inside the person's body, and I would feel their physical and emotional pain. Several spirits usually appeared around my bed at night, they were spirits of men, women or children. I was very afraid, I didn't know what to do, I cried a lot, I didn't know if it was just me or if it happened to others in my family, as no one in the family never said anything. I closed myself off in my world. Also, I used to bleed a lot from the nose, it usually happened at night, and sometimes I woke up scratched with signs all over my body. At ten years old, in one morning I was bleeding from the nose, and when I wiped my nose, from it came an oval copper-colored metal with a few millimeters in size. I took it, looked at it and threw it away, I didn't understand what it could be.

Carpazine:  Do you remember when your first contact with a UFO was?

Alexandre William: Around the age of ten, I started to be visited by balls of lights that entered my room through the wall or ceiling, I felt very afraid. I covered my head under the sheets. I was sweating with heat, but the fear was so big. I didn't know what they wanted, today I know that they are orb probes: extraterrestrials. Where I lived there was no public lighting and my friends and I were usually outside at night playing on the street. But, one night I was alone and when I looked to the sky, I saw a huge cigar shaped spaceship. It was so low that I could see its round windows and hatches.

Sometimes my friends said they saw lights in my hands, that they glowed.

Carpazine: Tell us about your encounter with the UFO, which you and your friends saw land near ​​Taguatinga,Brasilia, Brazil, where the Pistão Norte (highway) is located today. Do you remember what year this encounter was?

Me, three friends and my dog ​​went to the woods at night to catch birds, at the time I must be around 14 years-old, this was in 1968. We were walking through the woods, with torches in our hands. So, I was with my friend with my dog next to me when we came across an object on the ground. The object was oval shaped and was about 20 feet in diameter, the top part of the object was silver, the rest was black. It had in the middle a kind of square panel with green lights, but they didn't emit light, it looked like pulsing and glowing. Just below there were three lights in the middle in the colors yellow, blue and red.

After a while, I looked down and didn't see my dog. Then we were lying on the ground, I don't know how long we stayed there. When we tried to get up we had a lot of pain in the joints all over our bodies. We tried to run and we fell to the ground on top of each other. We left and on the way back we all got very sleepy. When I arrived at my house, my dog ​​was all curled up on the rug shaking with tears running down his eyes. The next day we went back there to check out the place. The bush was crushed and completely dried, it wasn't supposed to be because everything around there was green.

After a few years, my friend who had moved to another state came to visit us. The first thing he asked was if we remembered this event, it was etched in us.

In fact, I have seen several ships, one different from the other, but the one that shocked me the most was when I saw one in disk form. I was in the backyard of my house, it was during the day, my cousin and I were doing push-ups and lifting weights. So when I lay on the bench and looked at the sky, I saw a flying saucer hovering over us. It was gray and very big. I showed it to my cousin and he got static, very emotional. He raised his hands in the air, the flying saucer made a movement on its axis and took off swiftly; when he did this I almost cried. I felt that I was being abandoned, as if they had left me behind. This feeling hit me deeply, I didn't understand why, especially feeling abandoned.

Carpazine:  Besides your UFO encounters back then, what else happened to you during your teenage years?

Alexandre William: Several things. Sometimes when I looked at my hands at night, I saw lights coming out of them; Spirits that asked me for help, lights that entered my room. When I looked at people I saw diseased organs, and I also saw them in previous lives, and what happened to them to reincarnate again and what their disincarnation was like. I saw spirits accompanying people, children accompanying their mothers waiting for the opportunity to be born. I often knew when and how people would die. I also knew about happenings around the world. Sometimes I got out of my body and saw myself from above and behind.

Carpazine:  What degree of paranormality do you have today?

Alexandre William: I can't say for sure, or define my paranormality, what I know is that it is more related to the extra physical world, the spiritual area, and extraterrestrials; and there are no physical effects. It's more in the spiritual area, I can see about people's lives. It's very common for me to wake up during the night and see spirits, extraterrestrials by my side, sometimes I get scared but I keep watching until they disappear through the wall. I've seen extraterrestrials as white as a sheet of paper, another with a head in the shape of a praying mantis insect. That one in particular when I woke up he had his face very close to mine, touching the corner of my mouth. I don't know what he wanted; they are usually small, 1.3 meters tall. Today it doesn't happen as much, but it still happens.

Carpazine:  About your family and friends. Do they support you? Do they believe in your visions?

Alexandre William: Most of my friends and family, yes. My family did not have any knowledge about the extra physical world in which I introduced them to. With my friends, it was through time and being able to talk to them. Helping them with physical and emotional health problems, with time they end up believing. Others, out of misinformation or fear, don't want to know.

Carpazine: In the United States 65 percent of the American population believes in the existence of flying saucers and paranormalists work with the police, how is this seen in Brazil? Do you think the Brazilian population is open to the subject?

Alexandre William: Despite Brazil being a country with a high incidence of apparitions of spaceships and extraterrestrial beings, there is still a lot of prejudice due to people's religiosity and lack of information. I was sought out only once by the police to locate the body of a boy murdered in the south of the country. I've had invitations to work with other people, but in ways I would not accept.

Carpazine: In 1998, you participated in a regression session carried out at UnB (University of Brasília) in Brazil. Can you tell us exactly what happened in this regression session?

Alexandre William: This regression session has very extensive and interesting content. Many events occurred leading up to the day to undergo this regression.

It all started like this. My sister, who lived in the south of the country, was visiting a mystical fair. At that fair, she met a spiritist man. This man asked her how many brothers she had. She said there were eleven of us, so the man asked her to talk about the youngest brother. She said some things about me and this man told her, that her youngest brother, would do a regression session in the future and in it he would discover the Being who he is.

So, I was chosen out of fifteen people to undergo a regression session, it was in a workshop. Until that moment I had no experience with regressions, but I accepted it anyway.

Once the regression session began, I found myself in a life as a Roman general. I saw this life in a lot of details, very rich in details. At the end of that life as a Roman, we moved on to the next life where I was an Englishman. After the disincarnation or death of the Englishman, I saw myself inside a spaceship stopped near the earth, and a green Being around 50 inches tall. The Being had a big head and big eyes. The being's eyes were vertical, and he was close to the spaceship's windows, looking at the earth, which was beautiful and blue, so, I started to look at the Being, and to feel the depth of his eyes, the oily skin and the hands with long fingers  very different from mine. Little by little I started identifying with him, feeling what he was feeling, that sensation almost drove me crazy, because I realized that, he was me! I felt his emotions, and that he was anguishing about having to come to the next life here on earth. As I looked inside the spaceship, I realized that it was made of dark metal. On one wall was a beam or column, with an orange symbol equal to the square root. So, I looked further inside the ship, and I saw another Being just like him, sitting in front of a panel. The Being (I) approached the other Being and passed some instructions to him. Then he came back and entered  a small compartment, in the shape of a half moon and in there his body (of the Being) was disintegrating until it disappeared. As soon as the body disappeared at the same moment, I found myself being born and coming out between my mother's legs in the hospital. I saw my birth, I saw the nurses who attended to my mother, I saw the curtains in the room, the medical instruments. So, after the regression session, I confirmed everything I saw during my birth with my mother. She told me that was exactly how the room was, the day I was born.

All the lives that I accessed during the regression session, after their disincarnation I returned to the life of the Being again, this is my life and death process. So, I'm not human. I am incarnated as a human in this current life.

Carpazine:  Will these visions, that you had during the regression, happen in our present time? Or will it happen in the distant future?

Alexandre William: During the regression session, the Being acted on me several times, speaking in his language. During the regression session I had several visions that are not on the tape recording of the regression session. One of them was the contact I had with hundreds of Beings of pure energy of different colors. I saw myself working with other Beings like me on a spaceship. As a Being I saw what will happen to planet earth. The planet earth will reverse the poles, it will change the axis, and because of this great catastrophes will occur. A kind of energy will sweep the entire earth and everything that is not compatible with this energy, both people, beings and environments, will be destroyed. I nearly went crazy with dread and fear at the premonitions I saw and the noises I heard. When the professor asked me the date of these events, several Beings came over me causing me great discomfort in my throat, not letting me talk about the dates I saw. I know when these catastrophes will strike, but I'm not allowed to say. I just told the professor it would be soon.

Carpazine: The extraterrestrial being that is part of you, does he and you share the same body? How does it work?

Alexandre William: My body is human but my essence or spirit is extraterrestrial. Everything I experience here on earth will be added to the essence of the Being. The Being often acts more than Alexandre William.

Carpazine: I'm asking this because I've already talked to you, and I've talked several times with the extraterrestrial being. And I know that you, Alexandre William, are one person and the extraterrestrial being is another. I know you two inhabit the same human body. What I would like to know is how you manage to lead a normal human life, having an extraterrestrial being in you.

Alexandre William: At first, I disowned him, but over time I got used to him, and I lost my fear, and I ended up assuming what I am.

There are certain moments when I don't know if it's me or him but I can handle it.

Carpazine:  Do you believe that all of us human beings are actually extraterrestrials, and when we die, we return to our original extraterrestrial form, and reincarnate again as humans, and with new missions on earth? Do you think you were the only person who discovered this, because your regression was beyond expectations?

Alexandre William: From my experiences and the knowledge I have, the human being is born with a human spirit and disincarnates as such.

The professor who did the regression session with me said that my regression session was totally atypical of more than six thousand sessions he had already done. He never found a case like mine.

Carpazine: Many people believe that Jesus Christ was actually an extraterrestrial. Do you believe in this possibility?

Alexandre William: In my view, Jesus Christ being God he is not human, he was here as a human.

He doesn't compare to any known extraterrestrials.

Carpazine: What advice would you give to people who believe in your predictions? What should they do to protect themselves from these catastrophes you've seen?

Alexandre William: There is nothing to do, we will all be victims. The best thing is to try to be well with yourself and with God.

Carpazine: Are there more beings like you here on earth?

Of my kind I have no knowledge about them, I have never seen them either on television shows or in literature.

Carpazine: Tell us a little about the Greys. Do you think these beings will get what they want?

Alexandre William: There are a variety of Grey Beings, not all of them are aggressive and manipulative. Other Greys act only out of self-interest. But at the same time, there are several species of Beings that protect us.

Carpazine: Do the Greys act alongside Satan?

Alexandre William: Some Greys act and manipulate other Beings, which we consider negative, including humans.

Carpazine: All this violence we've been seeing lately, do you believe that the Greys are responsible for it?

Alexandre William: Not just the Greys. Human beings have free will. I consider human vanity and ignorance its worst enemies.

So, putting together these negative factors of the human being, the Greys take advantage and add evil and their bad intentions on humans.

During my regression session, when the Being acted on me, he referred to the negative Greys. He said the name of another species of Beings that will fight with the negative Greys.

Carpazine: What positive ideas can we learn from these visions and predictions that these extraterrestrial beings pass on to you?

Alexandre William: What I learned from them was to be aware that we are not alone, and that there is an infinity of Beings throughout the universe and many cohabit with us, whether we consider them negative or not.

There are several Beings giving us messages, warning us about events. What we should do is change our behavior. We must seek peace and unity among peoples. End evil and wars, and seek the expansion of our consciousness.

Carpazine: What is your relationship with God?

Alexandre William: I consider God a unique Being and creator of everything that exists. For me he is triune Father, Son and Holy Spirit. I have a very strong connection with the Holy Spirit and when I ask him for help, I am answered.

Carpazine: Would you have a message for the world?

Alexandre William: Look around you, nothing belongs to us, not even our bodies. Only peace and love are able to transcend us.

Carpazine: How can people get in touch with you?

Alexandre William: By email:

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Regression session with the paranormal Alexandre William. Held in October 1998, at UNB Universidade de Brasilia DF. Brazil.

"My body is human but my essence or spirit is extraterrestrial. Everything I experience here on earth will be added to the essence of the Being. The Being often acts more than Alexandre William. All the lives that I accessed during the regression session, after their disincarnation I returned to the life of the Being again, this is my life and death process. So, I'm not human. I am incarnated as a human in this current life."

Alexandre William