17th annual MF Toy Show!

Long before “designer toys” or “toy art” were household terms, MF Gallery has been curating an annual Toy Show, with pieces ranging from plush, to resin, to wood, paper and more.

The artisanal toy scene has now properly and fully exploded- with toy artists, toy customizers, high end toys designed by visual artists, and numerous galleries and conventions dedicated solely to showing toys that are art. MF Gallery still remains the place to see some of the most original handmade toys, made by artists from all over the world!

In the early 2000’s, MF was one of the first NYC galleries to show the toy creations of such artists as Liz McGrath, Jennybird Alcantara, MCA, Twerps, Cupco, Ed Repka, Fernando Carpaneda, The Sucklord, Ciou and others.

This year will be our 17th annual MF Toy Show, and we are continuing our tradition by inviting some of the top artists in the burgeoning 5.5” scene, as well as many other doll makers, creature creators and art toy makers of all kinds! www.mfgallery.net