Flashback: Zombies Attack Again! 2008

Why do these undead fiends continue to plague MF Gallery with their vile stench? Could it be because of the Zombie Art Show..? Or perhaps the Free Beer..? Prepare to be attacked once again on April 12, when the hideous hordes of twisted ghouls will descend upon us, and hopefully be extinguished once and for all by the Zombie Slayers, Dethrace. A Band of Satanic Superhero Robots, Dethrace is a mix of Speed Metal and Crazy Performance Art. On opening night, they will deliver a Deadly 2000 Megawatt Metal Performance that will will shred the eardrums of all present, and blast these braineaters back to their tombs, allowing mankind to go back to its miserable existence… but for how long? MF Gallery's latest Zombie Show will be full of Gruesome Artwork by the likes of: Jeff McMillan, Mike Bell, Mark Riddick, Ghoulish Gary, Kristen Flaherty, Frank Russo, Putrid, James Wrona, Jeff Zornow, Dennis Dread, Lou Rusconi, Jaz Harold, Lawrence Van Abbema, Garry Boake, Drew Maillard, Martina Secondo Russo, Fernando Carpaneda, Moses D. Jaen Chris Warner, Chantal Smith, Anthony Alexander, The Ed Gein Collection & More. The Opening Party will be on Saturday, April 12, from 7 to 10 pm. Anyone who shows up in Zombie makeup will be given unlimited beer and brains all night! Admission is free and open to all ages, no RSVP required… BUT ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK!! MF Gallery will also have professional FX artists on hand earlier in the afternoon to ‘zombify’ people… Contact the gallery for more information on how to participate in this zombie performance.

info@MFgallery.net (917)446-8681                                        
        Check more about the art show here: ZOMBIES ATTACK AGAIN !!!