Photo by James McDaniel


Viewing erotic art is a form of activism.

When you look at any piece of art and see the beauty or artistic merit contained within, you are creating a more sex positive world. By not limiting your appreciation to your own preferences, you transcend tolerance and accept the myriad ways eros manifests in others.

Purchasing erotic art is a form of activism.

When you choose to have this kind of art hanging on your wall, you are affirming that human sexuality is beautiful. You are honoring the work and skill the artist put into their creation. You are accepting the validation offered by seeing your desires and preferences depicted in an artistic platform.

Creating erotic art is a form of activism.

When you create art, you are encouraging the world to accept sexuality as a vital element of the human experience. You are giving the viewer a chance to see something within themselves that previously was hidden. You are furthering the discussion of eros and how it relates to our emotional, physical, spiritual, and intellectual lives.

Coming to the Seattle Erotic Art Festival is a form of activism.

When you purchase a ticket and walk through the doors, you are giving credence to erotic art, the people who make it, and the consumption thereof — and this acceptance changes the world.

Thank you for helping us change the world.

With love and honor,

Sophia Iannicelli